Walmart Gas Card: Where Can I Use Walmart Gift Card To Get Gas?

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Are you someone with a Walmart gift card wondering: can I use a Walmart gift card for gas? Or maybe you know the answer but don’t know how you can use it for buying gas? Don’t worry; we have an answer.

The answer is a yes and no, depending on whether Walmart issued your card or one of its subsidiaries. If you have a gift card from one of the following companies: Mariano’s, Sam’s Club, and Walmart (the retail chain). If one of these companies issued your card, then yes. You can use it to buy gas at participating stations.

However, you will not be able to use the credit if the pump does not accept debit cards. Do you want to know more about Walmart cards and how to make payments at gas stations? Let’s dig further!

How Much Do You Save On Gas With Walmart Gift Card?

To give you an idea, a standard gallon of gas in America costs about $2.98 as of 2019, meaning that filling up the average sedan would cost $7.94. This equals 2 gallons, costing you $14.88 if you use a Walmart gift card.

But remember that not all gas stations accept these cards, so it’s important to ask before you buy. There are also deals available with certain credit cards and car manufacturers like Ford and GMC, so be sure to look into those as well!

How Is This Gift Card Beneficial?

Walmart gift cards are easy to use at Walmart’s website or any of its 10,500 stores around the country and online. When it comes to buying gas, you can’t beat the value of the Walmart gas card. For less than the price of a gallon of gas, you can fill up an entire tank of gas in your car or truck.

And when you fill up, you can spend any amount over $35 that you want, up to $200. Meaning if you spend $30 on your Walmart gas card. And buy $200 worth of gas, and you’ll get back $10 in cash or free groceries at Walmart!

In many states. There are locations where customers can pay at the pump with their Walmart gift cards and credit cards. There are some restrictions, though, that may make this option less appealing to people. For example, some of these locations charge up to 9% cashback on Walmart gift cards and 2% cashback on transactions made with credit cards.

Do Any Other Gas Stations Accept Walmart’s Gift Cards For Payment?

The answer depends on whether or not your local Walmart has installed a branded gas station at their store location. If they have, then yes. Your Walmart gift card can pay for gas at any branded station. Call them up to find out if there is a branded gas station at your local Walmart store location and ask if they sell gas to customers.

Some gas stations will take Walmart gift cards as payment. And there are even some that offer discounted fuel prices. These stores include Murphy Station, Sam Club, and other Walmart Neighborhood Centers. In addition to being available in the checkout line of many retailers and department stores, Walmart gift cards are now accepted at more than 14,000 gas stations in 48 states. You can also save money on every gas gallon you buy.

Not only can you use your Walmart gift card to fill up the tank, but you can also use it to pay at the pump, making it a convenient choice when you’re traveling and don’t want to carry cash or credit cards.

can you use a walmart gift card for gas at murphy's

Does Walmart Gas Card Only Cover A Certain Type Of Gas?

If you’re wondering whether Walmart gift cards cover every type of gas, the answer is no; they don’t. Gas station gift cards are assigned to specific brands and types of gas, so if you buy a Chevron gas card, it will only cover Chevron gas stations.

Luckily, many gas stations sell gift cards that you can use at other stations, including Walmart gas stations. However, you should note that the cashier will ask which brand of fuel you want to use your gift card to determine how much money to put on it to cover the cost of your purchase.

Walmart gift cards come in various denominations. You can use them to buy many items at Walmart stores. They are one of the few ways to fill up your car at a station operated by Walmart. The only drawback is that you cannot use them to buy any other fuel besides what this particular retail chain sales.

Can You Buy Gas Costing More Than The Balance On The Gift Card?

The answer to the question depends on your gift card and where you’re buying gas. If you have a store gift card, such as one from Target or Walmart, you may not be able to use it to buy gas at any gas station because they do not let you go negative on their cards.

The Walmart Gas Card has many benefits, but it also has some limitations that you need to know about before you try to use it at the pump. The most important of these limitations is that it doesn’t let you buy gas beyond the available balance on your card.

If you try to buy gas with a Walmart gift card when the Walmart gift card balance is less than the amount of fuel required. You’ll have to make up the difference at the pump. In other words, putting $100 on your gift card and trying to buy $110 worth of gas won’t work.

Can You Reload A Walmart Gas Card?

Walmart gas cards are prepaid cards that allow you to pay at the pump or over the counter at Walmart, with no credit card needed. They can be a convenient way to pay at Walmart if you don’t want to carry cash or your credit card, but you might not realize that you can also reload them.

That means you can replenish the balance on your card if it runs out by adding more money to it and using it again at any of the more than 8,000 Walmart locations in the United States. You can only reload your gas card if you have the Walmart app on your phone. Once you have the app, tap Cards on the bottom of the screen and then select Gas.

Enter your zip code and select any number of gallons to buy. The gas card will be reloaded, with no need to present it or visit an in-store kiosk.

Steps To Reload A Walmart Gas Card

You can easily reload your Walmart gas card at any of their locations by following the three simple steps below:

Step 1: Load Your Account

Go to Wal-Mart and purchase an Exxon, Mobil, or Phillips 66 gift card. Select the option for Load money now on the account screen. This will allow you to load $50, $100, or $200. The loading process may take about two hours for funds to be available on your card.

Step 2: Add The Promo Code

The second step is adding the promo code. You may need the numbers on your card or the four-digit pin code, depending on your transaction. If you’re reloading online or through a mobile app, enter your 16-digit number and 4-digit pin to complete this step. Once entered, click submit and let it process for a few seconds before moving on to step three.

Step 3: Use your card

Insert your card into the gas pump and fill it up. Simply insert your card, select the right amount of fuel, and insert your pin or zip code on the keypad. Take the nozzle out of your car when filling it up. Wait for a confirmation message before you leave.

What Happens If My Walmart Gas Card Is Declined?

If you’re one of the many people with a Walmart gas card, you might wonder what happens if your gas card gets declined when you try to use it at the pump. The short answer is that it depends on why your card was declined in the first place, but Walmart will always do its best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road again.

Just as you know, when a purchase goes through by the sound of a chime and the word swiped, there are times when the machine does not accept it. It could be because you didn’t enter your PIN, which locks you out of the card until you call customer service.

Or maybe the magnetic strip on your card became damaged while in your wallet and was unreadable. If this has happened to you at Walmart gas pumps, don’t worry!

Get Your Card Working

To get your card working again, you must go inside the store and ask an associate for help. They will be able to help reset your account with a new PIN or issue you a new physical card if needed.

You must pay with cash if your card is declined at the pump. If you return to the gas station, hold your card to the machine next to the pump and insert cash for fuel. If your card is not accepted at the pump but was previously accepted online or in the store. Please contact Customer Service by calling 888-830-6030.


Where Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card For Gas?

You can use a Walmart card for gas at different places, including Walmart, Murphy Station, Sam Club, and other Walmart Neighborhood Centers. Sometimes, you may need to buy a membership before using the Walmart gift card. At the same time, some stations allow you to use the gift card directly and benefit from it.

Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card At Murphy Gas?

Paying for gas at Murphy gas with your Walmart gift card is possible. But in many states like California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, and New Jersey, it is illegal to use a gift card as payment. In some states, it will depend on the specific terms of your contract with Murphy Gas, which might include purchasing over $25.

Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card At Sam’s Club?

Yes, the Walmart Gift Cards are valid at Sam’s Club. To be eligible to buy gas at Sam’s Club, you’ll need to be enrolled in the Sam’s Club Member No-No Contract, which only allows you to use cash or checks (not credit cards) when purchasing items like gas from its locations. However, in some situations, a Walk gift card is also accepted, and you can use it to make a purchase.

Final Thoughts

A Walmart gift card is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to pay at the pump. The answer to whether you can use a Walmart gift card for gas is yes or no. You can use your Walmart gift card to buy gas at many fuel stations across the country.

But not every station accepts these types of cards. If you have a gift card on hand and want to know where you can fill up your car, truck, or SUV with it. The article above mentions all the information about Walmart gift card gas station locations.