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Wall Street in the Heartland: How Online Training Courses Are Making Investing Easy From Anywhere

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There are a lot of myths about the stock market, and financial mentors like Jerremy Newsome are setting out to dispel those myths so that this can become a viable way for people to make money from anywhere. And while it is easy to access resources from the principal trade centers of the world, it can be more challenging for people in more remote areas to get the assistance they need in starting. This is where Newsome and his company, Real Life Trading, come in.

Jerremy Newsome is a financial mentor who has worked since 2010 to enrich lives through education and financial freedom. Although he did receive some formal education from the University of Florida, Newsome’s financial knowledge is primarily self-taught. Newsome found that formal financial education is underwhelming, so it is necessary to learn in different ways. And he believes that his same method of learning financial literacy and gaining financial freedom can be practiced by anyone anywhere in the world.

That’s why Newsome founded Real Life Trading. His company sets out to educate people about the stock market in ways that formal education has proven to be insufficient. He wants the stock market to be something that anyone can be involved in, and more importantly, know exactly what they are doing with their money. Real Life Trading stands out because Newsome’s unique approach to the stock market allows people from small-town America to get involved in investing. In contrast, it used to be thought of as more of a field for people in the central business centers of the United States.

Demystifying the stock market

The primary purpose of Real Life Trading is to help individuals increase their cash flow. Investing is easy to pick up, and once you do, it only takes a small amount of time and effort a day to continue to build what you’ve already put in. This helps people pay off debts and live happier lifestyles thanks to their newfound financial freedom, with only a small amount of time needing to be expended every day.

What makes Real Life Trading stand out from its competitors is what it promises its users. Most investment training and coaching programs do anything to sell themselves, doubling down on the glitz and glamor of a luxurious lifestyle. Real Life Trading emphasizes what new investors should actually be striving for: investing in one’s future life and happiness. Newsome says, “It’s not about getting rich quick; it’s about setting you up for a lifetime. Our training courses will teach you how to sustain yourself in the long run.”

But investing in one’s happiness is not a sign of greed. On the contrary, it’s just a sign of being smart. “People think that the stock market is run by fear and greed, but it’s actually run by fear and optimism,” says Newsome, “It’s all about finding the hope for the future, and the fear of not having a stable future if you don’t act now.” It’s advice that any new investor can and should take to heart because it will prepare them to make sound financial decisions for life.

One of the biggest challenges that any new investor hoping to enter the market faces is that the stock market is so heavily mystified. The main reason why more people aren’t investing is that they don’t understand how stocks work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Programs such as Real Life Trading exist to educate and inform people from all walks of life about how they can become investors or expand and enrich their existing portfolios to become wiser investors.

Why are people so intimidated by the stock market? Newsome argues that it is due to the comparatively young age of the stock market. “Other forms of investment, like real estate, have been around for eons. The US stock market has only been around for 120 years,” says Newsome. More than a century may seem like a long time, but it’s relatively young compared to other trade systems.

Bringing the stock market to everyone

Real Life Trading emphasizes that anyone can participate in the stock market. The idea that one has to be some financial guru to be successful in trading stocks is a total myth. “Lack of time, money, or intelligence are just excuses not to get started,” Newsome says, “By having an open mind, one can look to the future to see what it holds and embrace what is truly possible.”

It’s also important to note that trading can be conducted globally. The stock market isn’t just located in New York City — anyone in any part of the United States (or the world) can participate in trading. Real Life Trading has launched programs in countries abroad such as India, Denmark, Brazil, and more. This helps their goal of spreading financial and investment literacy beyond the core, upper-class group which traditionally led the stock market. Now, anyone from anywhere should be able to participate in trading.

Newsome hopes to address the common issue of people having money tied up in the stock market but not knowing how to use it or grow their investment. Many people have 401k accounts or mutual funds but just leave them alone. In doing so, they are losing money by failing to take advantage of their portfolios’ growth potential. It’s not just people who are entirely new to trading who need this training and mentoring — several people can learn how to improve their investing habits.

The work that Jerremy Newsome and his company Real Life Trading are doing will go a long way in helping new investors from all classes, occupations, and backgrounds learn about what it takes to be successful in the stock market. With this, individuals will be able to prepare themselves for a long, happy life with plenty of financial freedom. “Money does grow on trees,” says Newsome, “You just have to learn how to harvest it.”