Over 25% Of Visits To US Govt. Websites Come From Apple Devices

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Over 25% of visits to United States government websites in the last three months come from Apple devices. This finding comes from federal analytics data, more specifically from Digital Analytics Program. This service provides data analysis for over 300 government websites including IRS, White House, and NASA. The finding also finds there was a total number of 1.36 billion visits within the past 90 days.

Windows and iOS lead

The study also shows that 58.1% of all users came from Windows devices and 14% came from Android devices. Although Apple only takes up a small share compared to rivals, it’s a big upgrade from over eight years before the iPhone debut. Back in late 2006, the market share for Mac computers was just at 6.1%. Apple also shipped less than one million Mac computers that year. Since then, that number grew quite significantly. Last year, market shares rose a few percentage points, and Apple sold over 20 million Macs, a number which included 5.5 million in the 4th quarter.

iOS-based iPhone and iPads represent Apple’s strongest growth. The fact it takes the second place in the new study shows the shift from desktops to mobile devices is significant. Apple’s current iOS 8 is one of the most popular mobile operating systems for Apple users. The tech company just shared that iOS 8 installed in 77% of all mobile devices.

Apple iOS: A look at adoption rates

The update debuted late last year, and it received an impressive 46% adoption rate five days after the launch. In February, that number rose 72%. It should be noted not all the adoption rates come from iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus sales, many of the adoption rates come from downloads on all iPhone. This finding is comparable to iOS 7, which is currently on 20% devices.

iPhone users are quicker to adopt new mobile operating systems compared to Android users. Google launched the new Lollipop operating system in September, and recent statistics shows an adoption rate of 3.3%.

via: AppleInsider

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