Jobs Of The Future?

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Space tourists, time brokers and virtual teachers, oh my! What does the future hold?

Jobs continuously develop and change over time. Social Media Executives and Managers never existed in the 1980’s because there was simply no need. Things constantly change and jobs need to adapt to the technological advances that are being presented to them in order to keep their jobs.

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With that said, what sort of jobs can we expect to see in the near future?

Virtual Teachers, Space Junk Recyclers and Drone Managers. It’s safe to say that these aren’t jobs that we see advertised on job board sites today and, most likely, not jobs that many of us have even heard of before.

RS Components have created an infographic that reveals the different types of jobs and careers that the next generation should expect to be applying for when they leave education.

In the future we can expect to see AI (Artificial Intelligence) and humans work alongside one another a lot more. Jobs won’t disappear but will merely just adapt to the society of the future. We can expect to see new jobs forming such as Space Tourism Guides, Time Brokers and Virtual Teachers - if they sound futuristic, check out AI Personality Writers. As much as robots may take jobs away from a number of professions, they will also create new ones, too.

Let’s take a look at the variety of jobs that will be available in the future.

Space Tourism Guide

You may think being a tourist guide in the likes of Greece and Thailand is a cool job, however, they have nothing on being a guide in Space. Virgin Galactic, a spaceflight company that is within the Virgin Group, is working on a commercial spacecraft that can fire people off into space and give tourists a whole new perception of a holiday.

There’s no doubt these tourists will need to be accompanied by professionals that know the environment inside out who can help them explore space and see its astronomical sights.

eSport Athlete

Sport isn’t all about speed and agility and eSports will hopefully help identify this. The next generation of athletes will be able to sign to world clubs and, just like traditional athletes, will need to be physically fit to improve endurance, hand-eye coordination and posture.

So if you’re one of those who spent hours playing Crash Bandicoot when you were younger (or even an adult) then they didn’t go to waste. Athletes will no longer be looked at for their ability to sprint 100m in a certain amount of seconds. This industry is expected to boom and along with that more money will be invested into it.

Time Broker

Many of us have seen the sci-fi film In Time, where people with wealth can buy time and live forever - well, this is slightly different. It works on the idea that time is more valuable than money and so if you ‘deposit’ an hour - for example, by helping an elderly in your community - you then earn ‘time credit’ to which you can then buy an hour off somebody else’s time.

By 2020, freelancers will make up 40% of the workforce. And, due to one of the most important skills for a freelancer to have is being good time management, we’ll see the introduction of time brokers. This profession is expected to grow at astronomical rates and as timebanking already exists, time-brokers will soon follow.

This profession will improve many peoples’ lifestyles and create a society that recognises friendliness and willingness as a serious profession.

AI Personality Writer

Today's English students hope that one day they will be English teachers, copywriters or novelists. However they don’t know what is on the brink of development - AI Personality Writers.

They will be able to devise complex responses and lifelike characters on AI machines to create the most human-like robots as possible. Not only will robots be able to distinguish between a real and fake smile, but according to David Woods of London Futurists, they will also be able to empathise with humans, work out if they’re tired and also if they’re lying - scary right?

Gone are the days of Siri replying with “sorry I didn’t catch that.”

Social Media Lawyer

With 5.8 million cybercrimes happening a year and incidents being reported on Facebook and Twitter every 45 minutes , it’s not surprising that this job will be in popular demand in years to come - lawyers are predicted to become busier than ever before!

Unfortunately, online bullying and trolling is a regular occurrence nowadays and social media lawyers need to be the first port of call to deal with these incidents.

Virtual Teacher

Teachers have their work cut out and often don’t get the credit they deserve. They work long hours, have many assignments and essays to mark and also have the pressure of getting students good grades. Well this will all change in the future - virtual teachers are set to take over schools..

As populations grow and people are living for longer, there is a demand for more teachers in order for professions to continue growing. For this to happen, teachers will need to become virtual in order to reach larger audiences and overseas students. The Open University have already started this trend with virtual learning on learning programs such as Moodle and Blackboard.

So with the children of today now working towards careers such as these - of which don’t exist yet - how can we protect our own jobs from being taken over by robots and AI? Well, emotional intelligence, trend spotting and presenting an idea in a human way is irreplaceable and no robotic technology can replace it.

What job do you see yourself doing in the future? Take a look at the graphic below to see what career options could be available to you in just a matter of years.

Jobs Of The Future IG virtual teachers

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