Videos Recorded On The iPhone 7 Are As Good As Movies: Apple Inc.

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Apple says that the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is so good that it matches the video quality of the cameras used for shooting Hollywood movies. The Cupertino-based firm just released an ad emphasizing the quality of the iPhone’s camera. This concept might help parents whose kids want to see their videos matching those of the stars.

iPhone 7 Plus used for “Romeo and Juliet”

Apple’s latest ad follows its holiday ad called “Frankie’s Holiday,” which showed an iPhone-toting Frankenstein. This ad was a bit different as Apple’s holiday ad usually focuses on a wide array of its products, not just the iPhone. The ad, which was released on Monday, is 30 seconds long and highlights the dual-camera system introduced with the iPhone 7 Plus. The ad titled “Romeo and Juliet” plays Act II, Scene II of Shakespeare’s masterwork.

Apple’s ad depicts the most famous scene in all of theater, and that is the balcony scene, or in technical terms. Capulet’s Orchard. In the ad, a parent is seen using the zoom capability of the built-in Camera app to get a closer shot of the play.

Apple’s ad boasts good cinematography in an amateur recording, thus implying that the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera captures images of utmost quality and is the best for capturing special moments. Apple’s “Romeo and Juliet” ad is part of its commercial series named Practically Magic, which started with an ad entitled “Balloons” in September.

Is Apple overclaiming?

In the ad, kids are shown playing the roles of Romeo and Juliet. A viewer might think about whether the ad can actually be referred to as art directed by some renowned personality. But as it turns out, the director is a mere parent who needs to record their child’s act at a school play using just a phone.

The ad concludes with a message from Apple saying, “Your movies look like movies.”

However, CNET says, “It depends which movies you’re talking about, perhaps. Blair Witch Project? Certainly. The Grand Budapest Hotel? Perhaps not.”

According to CNET, Apple has been into overclaiming for some time now. For example, it recently tried to convince people that the new MacBook Pro is “at the very pinnacle of world ingenuity.” CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk said his colleague Stephen Shankland tested the iPhone 7 Plus against the Google Pixel XL and concluded that the iPhone 7 Plus is inferior in still photography but better in video.

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