New Online Value Investing Seminar For Novices

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Most value investors have read dozens of books on investing. From Security Analysis to Margin of Safety to You Can Be a Stock Market Genius, the masters of the philosophy make it seem so easy. But many new investors find it difficult to move from theory to practice — it is one thing to read about investing and another to actually do it. That is where the Value Investing Seminar comes in.

New Online Value Investing Seminar For Novices

Value Investing Seminar is an online interactive course designed to help eager young investors apply value investing concepts to real-world investments. Structured like a college course, Value Investing Seminar walks students through case studies and assigns tasks that a buy-side equity analyst would normally perform.

Students are tested throughout the course to ensure that they have a sufficient understanding of key concepts before moving onto the next topic. For instance, in Phase 1 – Defining Value Investing, students are asked to recall the key investment principles common to all value investors. In Phase 2 – Evaluating a Stock, students are directed to use the SEC’s EDGAR database to find the solutions to progressively more difficult problems. Finally, in Phase 3 – Putting It Into Action, students are tested on all that they have learned in the course to ensure that they are ready to invest on their own.

The course is self-paced, meaning students can complete it as quickly or as slowly as they wish. The average time to completion is two to three weeks. In that time period, investors will go from novices unsure of what to do next to competent investors ready to dig through 10-Ks to find their next great investment!

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