Value Investing Congress 2013: Speaker Presentations

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The 9th annual Value Investing Congress in New York is over. The two day conference featured a wide variety of speakers across the value spectrum (as well as one presentation on Bitcoins). Readers can find coverage of all our here. We also have obtained many of the slides from the speakers, including, Whitney Tilson, Alexander Roepers, Rahul Saraogi, Charles de Vaulx, Mick McGuire, Christopher Mittleman, as well as several other speakers. Anyone interested in the slides can find them all embedded below. Additionally, we will update as we receive more slides so make sure to check back!

Among some of the stocks pitched Wausau Paper Corp. (NYSE:WPP) as a long, long Willis Group Holdings PLC (NYSE:WSH), United Rentals, Inc. (NYSE:URI) long among many other (mostly longs). See all the 12 13 14 current presentations we have embedded below in scribd.

Value Investing Congress 2013: Speaker Presentations


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Value Investing Congress 2013 slides

UPDATE: 7:02PM Joe Altman & Chris Kyriopoulos, COMPOUND Capital added

UPDATE: Sept 18th 3:15PM EST Temple Honor Asia added

UPDATE: Sept 19 11:30AM EST Donald Yacktman, Viewing Stocks as Bonds added

UPDATE: Sept 20 11:13AM EST Guy Gottfried, Needles in a Haystack: More Small Cap Values added

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