Upcoming Investment Conferences

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Upcoming Investment Conferences

The conference business is hot as media looks for new ways to make money in the age of Watermelon contests getting 10M views its hard for actual news to keep up – one way is by hosting investment conferences where rich people can spend thousands of dollars for a chance to listen to a 30 minute speech from a hedge fund manager who is being crushed by SPY and with negative alpha (JK … sorta). Additionally, there are many great causes like the Sohn Foundation which hosts investment conferences all over the world and gives 100% of the revenue to charity. Thankfully we are media and most folks are kind enough to give us a free pass so us poor journalists can cover what these famous hedge fund managers are saying without shelling out $3,000 (borrowed from a payday loan shark).

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ValueWalk is covering a LOT of events in the next coming months - sign up for our free newsletter to keep up with the latest coverage. Below is a list of some of the events we are covering. We will post a link to the event coverage on this page so feel free to bookmark this page and you will be set.

The following chart data was compiled with big help from Bloomberg Briefs - hedge funds

Upcoming Investment Conferences - The "event" column links to websites. "Attendees of note" links to individual's BIO page, where available, on the Bloomberg terminal.


Delivering Alpha 2016

Upcoming Investment Conferences Calender

September 8-9th IMN 22nd Annual Alpha Hedge West Bruce Richards, Marathon; Stuart Fiertz, Cheyne; Mark Okada, Highland; Dan Taylor, Man Numeric. San Francisco
September 13th CNBC, Institutional Investor
Delivering Alpha 2016
Paul Singer, Elliott Management; Ray Dalio, Bridgewater; Jason Mudrick, Mudrick Capital; Boaz Weinstein, Saba Capital; Mark Attanasio, Crescent Capital; Carl Icahn. New York
September 14-16th FPA Annual Conference - BE Baltimore Baltimore
September 19th CFA Society Distinguished Speakers Series Jeff Ubben Chicago
October 5th Sohn Conference Foundation Sohn San Francisco Carson Block, Muddy Waters; Jeff Ubben, ValueAct; Mick McGuire, Marcato Capital; Jeff Osher, Harvest Capital. San Francisco
October 19th Great Investors' Best Ideas Foundation 10th Annual Investment Symposium Caroline Cooley, Crestline; David Einhorn, Greenlight; T. Boone Pickens, BP Capital. Dallas, Texas
October 26th  Invest For Kids Invest For Kids Eighth Annual Conference Frank Brosens, Taconic Capital Advisors LP; Ed Garden, Trian Partners; James Grant, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer; John Lykouretzos, Hoplite Capital Management, L.P.; Michael Sacks, GCM Grosvenor; Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital; Sam Zell, Equity Group Investment Chicago
October 26-27th Capitalize for Kids 3rd Annual Capitalize For Kids Investors Conference Cliff Asness, Co-founder and CIO, AQR Capital Management; Thomas Russo, Managing Member, Gardner Russo & Gardner LLC; Clint Carlson, President & Chief Investment Officer, Carlson Capital; Daniel Loeb, Founder and CEO, Third Point LLC; Ed Garden, Founding Partner and CIO, Trian Fund Management; Aaron Cowen, Founder and Portfolio Manager, Suvretta Capital Management Chicago

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