Unlock Your Door Using iPhone [VIDEO]

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You must have seen those sci-fi movies where cars fly and gadgets become more smarter. Well, we haven’t arrived at that age but at least smartphones have become smart, all thanks to the competition and race to be the next best phone that people want to buy. If you ever wanted to do more with your iPhone, apart from the regular stuff like calling, texting, browsing and playing games then here’s something that will interest you.

Here’s a nice concept of a smart lock that is aimed to replace your key, and all you need to enter your home is just your iPhone, nothing else.

This new August Smart Lock is now available to reserve, and it comes with a deadbolt that attaches to modern doors with the help of two screws. You might be wondering, just two screws, yes, that’s all it takes to fit in the door. The company says that it easily installs over the interior portion of your existing deadlock and does not require you to change anything. It comes with deadbolt adapters and faceplates to accommodate 90 percent of locks on the market.

Unlock Your Door Using iPhone [VIDEO]
When Auto Unlock is enabled, it senses your approach and automatically unlocks the door, without having to reach your phone. You can also give temporary access to others if you’re expecting some guests at a particular time of the day and after that, the system disables the virtual key.

It functions on four AA standard batteries. When the battery life is low, sensors will know it and will inform you to replace the battery using indicators and via email. Even if the battery has been used up, there is a way to unlock the door so that you don’t get locked out of your house.

The August smart lock is powered by Bluetooth technology which you’ll need to enable on your iPhone too so that both the devices stays connected. The company makes a bold claim that it takes only 10 minutes to install.

If you’re thinking to grab this one, then you’ll need to wait until November or December of this year. The lock will cost $199, with no subscription or any other fees.

For now, we don’t know if this new device really helps us forget about keys, but at least it’s a step in the right direction, and to a smarter home.

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