Two Ways To Unlock iPhone X Faster Than Before Using Face ID

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The facial recognition technology on the iPhone X is pretty fast. The 10th anniversary iPhone has been around for more than ten days, and most people seem to be happy with the Face ID. However, there are a few users who have complained that Face ID is not fast enough to unlock iPhone X quickly. The face detection technology is still in its early stages, and it will take a year or two to mature.

Unlock iPhone X Face ID
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It requires some practice

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to unlock iPhone X faster than ever before using Face ID. The first method requires a bit of practice. Folks at Apple Insider have created a YouTube video to show how you can speed up the unlocking process. Face ID first projects infrared dots on your face and scans the dots for authentication, which means there is a slight lag time.

What most people do is that they wait until the unlock icon appears before swiping up. Apple Insider says you don’t have to wait for the unlock icon to pop up before swiping. They suggest that you should always have your thumb hovering near the bottom of the display before waking the phone. It ensures that you’re ready to swipe instantly.

Apple Insider recommends that you find the lowest spot on the display that can wake up the device. And then find the “most comfortable starting point” for swiping. Also, you don’t have to swipe all the way up to the top of the screen. Practice making the swipe gestures shorter. Tap and swipe as fast as you can without worrying about whether the screen has turned on. Apple Insider pointed out that the device can be unlocked even when the screen is yet to turn on.

A simple method to unlock iPhone X faster

The second method requires some changes in Settings. It also solves the problem of unlocking the iPhone X when the phone is sitting flat on your desk. Unlike Touch ID, the new Face ID requires users to lean over or pick up the phone before unlocking if the phone is sitting on a desk. This trick does not compromise on your security. The Face ID will remain as secure as ever.

When setting up Face ID for the first time, most people raise the phone to eye level. But during real-life usage, they keep the device to the waist or stomach level. If you want to unlock iPhone X faster, you should have held the device closer to the stomach or waist level when setting up Face ID. You can set it up again by holding the phone below eye level.

You can reset Face ID by going to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and then enter your passcode. Now tap Reset Face ID to set it up while holding the phone where you normally keep it when unlocking it. The TrueDepth camera system will capture data of what it is going to see when you unlock iPhone X in the future, says BGR. It significantly speeds up the authentication process while also allowing you to unlock the phone when it’s sitting flat on a table.

A third trick

There is a third way as well, but it may compromise user security. It involves disabling the Attention setting. Face ID requires users to be staring at the display to unlock the device. If you disable the Attention setting, it will reduce the time taken to unlock the device. But it also means that someone else might forcibly unlock your iPhone X while you are sleeping or when your eyes are closed.

If you want to disable the Attention setting anyway, head over to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Enter Passcode and then toggle off Require Attention for Face ID. However, you will be able to toggle it off only if your device is running iOS 11.1. If your phone is running iOS 11.0.1, update it to the latest version to access this setting.

Yes, Face ID can be tricked

Face ID is one of the most secure biometric authentication technologies out there. It has an error rate of just one in a million, and it is even capable of telling apart between identical twins in most cases. Android vendors also offer face detection technologies on their flagship devices, but they can easily be fooled using masks. Since the iPhone X launch, security experts have been trying to fool the Face ID to unlock iPhone X by using a mask.

Vietnamese security research firm Bkav claims that it has successfully fooled the Face ID using simple techniques that require materials worth only $150. Instead of designing a realistic mask, the security firm focused only on a few spots to trick the feature. Their mask included a 3D printed frame, a sculpted silicone nose, 2D eyes and lips, some makeup, and a few paper cutouts.

Bkav placed the mask in front of an iPhone X, and covered it with a piece of cloth. As soon as one of the researchers removed the cloth from the mask, the device unlocked successfully. Bkav is yet to reveal its detailed process. Though it shows that the Face ID can be tricked, casual users have little reason to worry. Nosy acquaintances or petty thieves are unlikely to put in so much time, resources, and efforts to unlock your phone. You should be concerned if you are a celebrity, politician, billionaire, or a spy

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