How To Find Unicorn Easter Egg Hidden On Google Play

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A Reddit discussion has revealed the existence of a so-called Easter Egg on the Google app store, known as Google Play.

First of all an Easter Egg is, according to Urban Dictionary, “a hidden item placed in a movie, television show, or otherwise visual media for close watchers.” Even if you knew that, you might not be aware that the term is apparently derived from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a movie in which characters have an Easter Egg hunt. Most of the eggs go unfound but can be seen on set at various points throughout the movie.

Unicorns hidden in Google Play app store

Google has put an Easter Egg of its own on its Play store, says Rob Price of Business Insider. You can find it by navigating to the store homepage on your Android smartphone or

Don’t search for anything or put any characters in the search bar, but just click on the search bar and press the search button. You will be greeted by a variety of apps, games and books that are related to unicorns.

The Easter Egg has been on Play since at least 2013 but it never really captured the imagination of Internet users. A Google spokesman told Business Insider that the tech giant “refuses to confirm or deny the existence of unicorns :)”

Google Easter Eggs a common occurrence

Google has a history of putting Easter Eggs in its products. Among their number is the “barrel roll” search, where asking to “do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice” makes the page spin.

Searching for “tilt” or “askew” will display a wonky version of the search results, while asking the search engine for “the answer to life the universe and everything” will display number 42, in tribute to A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Other tech companies also enjoy leaving Easter Eggs for keen-eyed users. Tesla famously put a James Bond Easter Egg in its Model S central console. You can make your car appear as the 1977 Lotus Esprit from “The Spy Who Loved Me,” unfortunately just on screen and not in real life.

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