Got Your Pokemon Go Account Soft-banned? Here’s How To Unban

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Pokemon Go players have been spoofing their location and using a variety of other cheats and tricks to catch ’em all. Folks at Niantic are smart. They have been actively tracking all the ways you can cheat, and are patching the loopholes. Those found cheating are soft-banned. There may be other reasons as well for your account being banned.

Step-by-step process to unban your Pokemon Go account

If you have become addicted to the game like millions of others out there, you can’t wait to gain access to your account again. Is there a way to unban your Pokemon Go account? Turns out, there are a few, but remember that Niantic can patch them anytime. Folks at Redmond Pie have found a ridiculously easy but time-consuming way to get your soft-banned Pokemon Go account unbanned.

Step-1: Find the nearest PokeStop, walk up to it and then select it within the game

Step-2: Spin the circle on your mobile screen. Your account is banned, so you won’t get anything. Do it anyway.

Step-3: Now close the PokeStop.

Step-4: Here comes the boring part. Repeat the entire process at the same PokeStop 40 times. Yes, you read it right. That’s 40 times.

Redmond Pie found that your account gets unbanned on the 40th spin. If you desperately want to unban your Pokemon Go account, all the effort might be worth it.

Another trick

Is there any other way to get it unbanned? Cydia Geeks has a simple and straightforward trick to get your account back. All you have to do is log out of the original account > create a new account > log out of your new account > delete the Pokemon Go app. Now wait patiently for a few hours and then reinstall the game from the app store.

Note that just because you know how to get your account unbanned doesn’t mean you should do it again and again. The game was not designed to let you cheat. Doing so would defeat the whole purpose.

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