Uber To Allow Drivers To Fine Riders Who Are Late

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Uber is now empowering its drivers to fine riders $5 to $10 if they are late by more than two minutes. On Monday, the company introduced this feature and a few more in a handful of U.S. cities.

Uber giving drivers more control

With the update, the car-hailing giant wants to give drivers more control over the ride-sharing process. The update will allow drivers to find gas stations, pause ride requests, get paid instantly and only pick up riders on their route. The update for fining riders who are late first came in April, mainly in response to complaints from drivers about riders who are not attentive to the driver waiting for them.

Uber is well aware that by this feature, its drivers will be able to earn more as they can keep taking requests. But in turn, if an Uber driver is late by more than five minutes, riders can cancel the ride without any penalty. Presently, only a few cities have been given this tool, but more will be added going on.

The car-hailing giant says drivers choose Uber because they want to be “their own boss, set their own schedule, and get work at the touch of a button, Uber shared in a recent blog post. There are plenty of things we can do to make driving more empowering and worth your while. And beginning today, we are rolling out a number of features and rewards in more cities to help you get the most out of your time on the road.”

Making life easier for drivers

Uber’s recent update allows drivers to work while carrying on with their daily lives. Uber’s new Driver Destinations feature allows drivers to enter their destination twice a day, and based on this, rides will be suggested, be it work, school, etc.

Another issue addressed by the company is the constant complaint by drivers about emails being the only way to contact the firm. Now the car-hailing giant has introduced in-person assistance in over 250 locations globally.

“We’re continuing to invest in our in-person locations, formerly known as Partner Support Centers,” the company said.

Uber also added Fuel Finder, making it easier for drivers to locate a gas station and find the one offering the best value.

“We’re glad that so many drivers continue to take advantage of fuel discounts, savings on cell phone plans, and discounts on oil changes and maintenance through our driver rewards program,” said the company.

Uber also launched a one-stop blog called Behind the Wheel to provide all the information on driver products and perks. To allow drivers to pause the requests for some time to take a break or after they have finished their shift, the company has also added the Pause Requests feature. Earlier, drivers had to decline trip requests.

Uber’s recent updates follow a recent class-action lawsuit filed by drivers who demanded that they must be considered full-time employees rather than independent contractors. Also these updates will help the company remain relevant at a time when rivals already offer such perks and rewards to their employees.

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