U.S. Household Net Worth Rises To $81.5 Trillion In Q2 [CHARTS]

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The Federal Reserve published its quarterly Z.1 report yesterday (also known as the Flow of Funds report) which summarizes the balance sheets for U.S. households.

Household net worth increased to $81.5 trillion in the second quarter from $80.1 trillion in the first quarter, and is up 10.4% from last year.

Assets increased to $95.4 trillion from $93.9 trillion and liabilities increased to $13.9 trillion from $13.8 trillion.


Financial assets as a share of total assets increased to 70.3% in Q2 from 70.1% in Q1.


This was driven largely by increases in corporate equities.


Home mortgages as a share of liabilities declined to only 67.2% from a high of 75.0% in 2009.


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