Twitter’s Next CEO: Dorsey Or Bain?

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Twitter’s CEO search could end soon, and in a few weeks, Adam Bain could be leading the company as its CEO. Bain has turned billions of tweets published every week into dollars and is regarded as one of the most promising candidates to take charge of the company.

Could Bain be new CEO?

Bain, Twitter’s global president of revenue and partnerships, is among the key company executives. Since Dick Costolo stepped down from the post of CEO, Twitter has been rigorously searching for a new boss. But so far in the more than 100 days that have passed, no conclusions have been drawn. What we have are rumors, which repeatedly claim two names for the next CEO: first, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s visionary founder and presently its interim CEO, and second, Bain.

Whether or not Bain has pushed his name for the job, is not known for now. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, when asked how he feels about the speculations linking him to the job, he replied, “It’s flattering, but the thing that I’m focused on is driving the revenue stream. I’m singularly-focused on that and there’s nothing that I’m thinking about other than driving the revenue for the business.”

It is as well-rehearsed an answer as anyone might expect.

Will Dorsey pick Twitter or Square or both?

On being questioned about Dorsey, the most powerful contender for the CEO post, Bain calmly responds, and his answer nowhere indicates that there is any sort of rivalry between the two. Instead, Bain makes it clear that he is a big fan of Dorsey. “Having Jack back has been really exciting. There’s an amazing thing bring the founder back, bringing a product-driven founder back to the company,” Bain told The Telegraph.

Dorsey founded Twitter in 2006, and two years later, he was pushed out of the company. Three years after that, he returned as chairman, but by then he had already founded another company called Square, which he is now taking public. Dorsey has reportedly refused to give up the responsibilities of running Square, and this might prevent his return as full-time CEO at Twitter. In June, Twitter’s board made a public declaration that it will consider candidates who can make a full-time commitment to the company.

Running two big firms at a time has been the topic of debate in the corporate world. Steve Jobs, who headed both Apple and Pixar for a year, referred to it as the “worst time in my life.” Elon Musk is successfully running Tesla and SpaceX but has acknowledged that the job is not at all easy.

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