Twitter Aims To Make Its Windows 10 App More Useful, Testing Tabs Feature For It

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Twitter shut down its TweetDeck for the Windows app almost a year ago. Now, according to The Verge, it seems the social network is testing a new TweetDeck-like feature in its core application for  Windows 10. MSPoweruser spotted tabs inside Twitter’s Windows 10 official app which enable users to bring up direct messages, lists, search results and profiles all within a tabbed interface.

A very useful addition from Twitter

With support for tabs on the operating system, the desktop app will be much more useful. The ability to open different pages or tabs right from the Twitter app will enable the user to keep track of things in a simpler way, notes MSPoweruser.

For example, a user can have their profile on the main tab and other lists, timelines, direct messages, etc. open in other tabs. They will be able to hide all the pages/tabs at once or even close a certain tab. Users can also completely turn off the tabs from settings if they do not like them.

The micro-blogging giant is adding support for multi-instances to the app as well. This means users can have different instances of Twitter open simultaneously, notes MSPoweruser. This feature works great with the tabs feature, as a user can have a tab open in one instance of the app and another one open in a different instance.

The social network is also adding the ability to share a tweet through Direct Messages.

Not much is known though

The tabs are not an exact replica of the columns feature in TweetDeck, as one cannot see all of them at once, notes The Verge. Also the tabs are not available to all Windows 10 users just yet. The micro-blogging giant seems to be testing the feature with a limited set of users.

It is not certain why it is testing a tabs feature only for the Windows app, but this could be a good alternative for fans of TweetDeck who were not happy with its removal.  Also there is no information on whether the micro-blogging site plans to bring tabs to the Android, Mac or iOS versions of its official Twitter app or when all Windows 10 users will be able to access the tabs.

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