Twitter Inc Launches Separate App Only For Celebrities

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Twitter launched its Engage app for influencer users on Monday. If you are a celebrity and handlers are always explaining what the micro-blogging giant can do for your brand and you do not know what to tweet about, then you can use Engage. This app takes some of the guesswork out of the platform.

Helps famous people interact with fans

Engage is now available on iOS. This app is designed to help famous people interact with their followers and build a bigger fan following. Engage includes three main tabs and underlines the most important interactions you have had on the platform. In addition, the app includes mentions from users who are verified, interact with you a lot or are followed by a lot of your followers.

There is an “understand” tab as well that shows users’ high-level analytics for their posts, and the “posts” tab shows users’ detailed performance numbers for individual posts. There is one thing the new app does not have, however, which is the timeline. Engage is for celebrities who would rather not pay attention to the broader conversation in the global town square but do see value in tweeting.

Engage similar to Facebook Mentions?

Engage has some similarities with Facebook Mentions, a two-year-old app that helps celebrities find posts talking about them. The new Engage app looks quite similar to it, but Facebook Mentions is different from Engage in two significant ways. First, Engage will be available to all Twitter users, whereas Mentions requires a Facebook account, and Engage is quite focused on analytics, but Facebook’s version seems more or less like the flagship with a special section added to monitor mentions of your name.

In a blog post announcing the app, Twitter said this new companion app, “is available today and provides real-time data and insights, allowing you to quickly understand, engage, and grow your audiences.” Using tweets, creators, public figures and influencers can have conversations with their fans and share content on the platform in real-time, the blog said.

“We’re excited to get the Twitter Engage app into your hands today, but this is only the beginning. We’re already planning integrations with some of our partner brands through our Niche and Vine products,” the blog post reads.

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