Twitter Inc (TWTR) Pushing Its AI Efforts With Cortex Team

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Twitter is developing a new team called “Cortex” to push its artificial intelligence efforts and is seeking professionals for the team. Twitter is looking for architecture and system software engineers to work in a dedicated wing of artificial intelligence called “Deep Learning,” which is much the trend among Internet companies these days.

Not rich in resources but have big aims

Many Internet firms are focusing on AI since it is emerging as a rapid and progressively significant area. After the acquisition of DeepMond in 2014, Google has been doing plenty of work with artificial neural networks, whereas Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has flagged AI as one of the company’s key initiatives. As compared to Google or Facebook, Twitter is not as resourceful, but the new Cortex group indicates that the firm has some big plans for AI too.

AI is a supportive tool capable of reviving the micro-blogging firm’s stalling user growth through influential new features and products. Initially, Twitter used AI to detect porn and other offensive content on the platform, according to a report from Wired. The use of AI allowed the firm to identify and remove obscene content fast at a lower cost.

Twitter is moving ahead with its plan to create a vast AI operation that will help it better understand its users’ needs by matching them with relevant tweets and people to follow. Also Twitter’s Cortex is emphasizing the company’s advertising system and will ultimately analyze the entire “corpus of tweets,” says Wired.

Twitter hiring for AI professionals

In order, to personalize its services for its 300 million users in most efficient way, and to keep up with Google & Facebook in the industry’s intensifying AI race, Twitter recently posted a couple of jobs, which gives a rough idea about its new Cortex group. The job posting clears that the requirement is for their New York-based Madbits, an AI startup acquired by Twitter last year.

In the job posting, the micro-blogging firm explains that the Cortex team will be responsible for constructing the “backbone” of its learning system. An architecture engineer at Twitter’s Cortex will definitely be supportive to users to create, rate and maintain the spine of the online learning systems, which will “directly impact the lives of our users and the success of our business,” reads the job posting.

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