Twitter Inc Now Supports Streams With Professional Equipment On Periscope

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Twitter’s Periscope is now expanding its live-streaming capability with a new venture: the “Producer program.” This venture lets influencers and popular creators make live broadcasts from different new devices, including VR headsets, games, desktop streaming software, webcams and HD cameras. Even media organizations can create streams by using satellite trucks and editing rigs, notes Digital Trends.

Producers program from Twitter

Currently Periscope streams only from consumer cameras, meaning that brands with the resources for expensive equipment are forced to shoot video with their phones. This does not sound very exciting when Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and all others offer professional and mobile video tools. However, it’s going to change now. Over the past six weeks, Periscope has been experimenting with this Producer program with various media partners.

To access the “Producer program,” the creators must first apply to become “producers.” They will receive a personal streaming link via the settings page of the app if they are successful. This link can be entered into their external devices. The Periscope iOS app will display a preview of their stream when they begin broadcasting, letting them publish when it is ready. Viewers will be able to interact with the creators just like they would during mobile streams via comments and using hearts.

Twitter has partnered with some popular brands like Sky News, Disney, and Louis Vuitton, but more names are expected to show up in the future. To make it easier to find more content, Periscope recently overhauled its desktop site.

Opens the door for high-quality, professional streams

Twitter’s new venture opens the door to high-quality, professional streams on both Twitter and its live video service. Through partnerships such as those with MLB, Bloomberg, and the NFL, the social network has been touting its live sports and new streaming ambitions.

In respect to live video on the social network, the Producer program will result in even more content variety. You should get ready to view topical talk shows, VR and traditional game streams, and professional news broadcasts, says Digital Trends. In addition, creators will have the ability to incorporate footage and graphics from external sources, which will bring the final product a little closer to what we would expect to see on YouTube.

Also users can expect to see the new content on Twitter’s new live-streaming apps for Xbox One, Fire TV and Apple TV. For Periscope, it will still be tough competition to match up to the popularity of services such as YouTube and Facebook; however, it still has enough space to grow, given the recent success of streams on Twitter.

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