Twitter Now Wants Instagram Lookalike For Its Fans, Facebook Beware

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The battle in the social media is heating up, with the current market leader, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) now facing the prospect of competing against Twitter with its Instagram app. Twitter has apparently decided to come up with its own kind of photo editing software for its fans, to challenge Facebook’ Instagram.

Twitter Now Wants Instagram Lookalike For Its Fans, Facebook Beware

Twitter’s new photo management application will allow users to edit photos, as well as filter them, and enable them to tweak their smartphone photos to look as if they were shot with vintage cameras.

Social networking companies look to boost their audience engagement, and Twitter will not be left behind. Facebook’s Instagram was acquired for a value of $1 billion, which further due to the mediocre performance of the company’s stock, is now estimated to have been acquired at about $715 million.

However, contrary Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter is rumoured to be planning to take the app to the next level, offering more than just photo filtering and editing. The text-based social platform is said to be planning to introduce Video capability on its platform as it seeks to go a step further. This will allow the company to run video editing and hosting services to its subscribers.

Two months ago, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), also joined the photo management app battle when it acquired Snapseed for its Google+ social platform. Facebook’s Instagram has already notched 100,000 subscribers, within months of acquisition.

Early this summer, Twitter had limited Facebook’s Instagram from accessing to its content as the microblogging site continued to create avenues toward running an app management platform of its own.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) introduced Instagram as one of the measures taken to aid the company’s transition to the mobile platform, as the desktop to mobile migration continues to become a norm among social network users. Meanwhile, Facebook’s mobile business still remains under par, despite the statistics indicating there are more than 600 million monthly active Facebook users.

One major difference between Facebook’s Instagram and Twitter’s app management platform, is that, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) acquired Instagram, whereas, Twitter intends to develop its own unique photo management app.

At the time of this writing, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stock was trading at $21.02 per share, down $0.23, or 1.09% decline from yesterday’s close.

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