Twitter Inc (TWTR) Users Go Silent During Penalty Kicks

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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) goes silent before each penalty kick, according to data that recorded zero activity few seconds ahead the penalty shootout. According to data scientists, fans stop tweeting before a kick, and the number of Tweet rises dramatically after the goal is hit.

Twitter observing tweets per second

The chart above uses rate of tweets per second for all tweets to reflect the pattern in the Brazil-Chile match from June 28. The same pattern has been witnessed for the entire shootout. Also, for all the shootouts in the knockout round witnessed the same pattern seen.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is, also, in the loop with over 1 billion World Cup interactions, highest till date. The number goes far beyond what Facebook has experienced over the years including super bowls. Both Twitter and Facebook recorded highest level of interactions on June 28th during Brazil and Chile match, where the former took a shootout, winning the match.  Facebook noted 31 million users generating 75 million interactions during the game.

World Cup of records

This World Cup has been different in many ways and has set a series of new records. By attendance, this tournament has the top spot with an average crowd of 52,762 after 60 matches, which has outperformed 52,491 average attendances for the 2006 tournament in Germany. The attendance is only less than the 1994 tournament in the United States with an average of 68,991 fans in the crowd for 52 matches in nine cities during the 24-team tournament. FIFA is hopeful that the attendance will further rise to a total to 3.4 million after the final four games of the tournament.

Also, FIFA is making sure that users do not mistake any account using the official logo to be the part of the organization. FIFA is one of the biggest sports authorities in the world after Olympics. According to a report from Torrent Freaks, FIFA has sent take down complaints to Twitter for the facsimile accounts.

“FIFA’s Protected Terms (e.g. the event titles) may not be used to create the impression that a page is officially related to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.” FIFA is concerned that usage of their emblems and logos may harm the organization and also imperils the entire football community.

Twitter is taking it seriously, and following the request, it has taken down the profile pictures of several of its users.

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