Twitter Inc (TWTR) Strongly Hints Of Expansion Into e-Commerce

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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has indicated very strongly that it is expanding into e-commerce after few users noticed setting for “payment and shipping” in its Android version.  @am_Bix, was the first to notice the development, but also recognized that the setting cannot be accessed right now.

Handful of users witnessed the new feature

User @am_Bix is not the only one to stumble by this feature, and there are four other Twitter users, who captured the screenshots of the menu bar with the same option including TNW’s own editor-in-chief Martin Bryant.

There is no clear picture yet, but the latest option of payment and shipping seems like the next step in the planning, where users would be able to manage their payment methods and give a delivery address.  Twitter tests any new feature with only a handful of users before finally releasing it, and the company is believed to be working on string of new features over the past couple of weeks.


Nevertheless, the e-commerce experiment is one of the most exciting one till date as it can add substantially to Twitter Inc’s revenue, and would also give a new purpose to brands to come on Twitter. There was no update from Twitter over the recent development.

Many hints from Twitter

New feature in the setting marks as the latest hint that the company is looking for the right time to enter the commerce segment. A Buy now button appeared in June, which took the user to retail site Fancy. Re/Code, the publication site that revealed Buy Now tab, also noticed the documents that detail about the retail plans of Twitter. It is anticipated that the micro-blogging site is working with payment provider Stripe for some time.

Back in January there were some leaked documents about the e-commerce plan of the company showing the possible partnership to with Stripe deal. The company also announced in July that it is buying Card Spring, which is a payment infrastructure start-up connecting merchants and payment process.

E-Commerce has been an alluring segment for the social media companies. According to e-marketer, around $304 billion will be spent on online retail this year. In the United States, the retailers are expected to spend $11.2 billion on digital ads, with 37% of the budgets to be spent on mobile.


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