Twitter Inc Taunts Clinton’s ‘H’ Logo

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Twitter served as a platform for the mockery of Hillary Clinton’s “H” logo, designed to promote her election campaign. The new symbol representing Clinton’s campaign was criticized by many users, with some referring to it as a road sign pointing to a hospital. However, along with the considerable bad-mouthing, it did attract some praises as well.

Has the campaign been successful on Twitter?

Illustrations of the H logo included a solid H painted blue along with a red arrow traversing the midrib of the letter. This sign, as claimed by a few users, closely resembled the FedEx logo, while some pitted it against the symbol of a Hungarian fascist party during the World War II era, as reported by Business Insider. But the most appalling feature of the logo, considering it is meant to endorse a candidate of the left-oriented Democratic Party, was that the arrow was directed towards the right, says Reuters.

Amid comments reflecting massive criticism, however, there were some users who appreciated the logo. According to a tweet by Gina Uriarte, a representative of a real estate agency in California, she liked the H logo that seems to indicate “Obama meets FedEx.” Another tweeter, a politics science professor, claimed that Clinton’s campaign looks to be succeeding, as reporters are now writing about Hillary’s logo instead of her fashion style, according to a report from Reuters.

WikiLeaks accusing Clinton of copying

In addition, the official Twitter account of WikiLeaks, an organization that leaks confidential information from government and other corporations, accused Hillary Clinton of plagiarizing by tweeting to its two and a half million followers, “Hillary Clinton has stolen our innovative WikiLeaks Twitter logo design.” To reinforce the allegation, the tweet also included a copy of the WikiLeaks logo, which also depicts a red arrow pointing right, pasted alongside Clinton’s H logo.

Itl remains unknown as to who created the logo for the campaign. But the wave of criticism across Twitter clearly indicates that Clinton and other presidential candidates are going to be closely examined by people of the country. The former secretary of state is contesting the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential race — her second run at the White House since losing to Barack Obama in 2008.

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