Twitter Takes Foursquare’s Help To Add Location Tagging

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Twitter revealed plans to work with Foursquare to allow users to tag their precise locations in a tweet. Such an upgrade, initially expected to be available in selected markets, will enable users to tag tweets with restaurants, stores and other landmarks.

Building on the earlier location-tagging feature

The micro-blogging company is still in the process of merging the new feature, which, once functional, will assist users in adding their specific whereabouts by clicking on the location pin icon while they compose a tweet. Moreover, users will also be able to see the tweets others have posted from the same location by tapping on the name of the place in the Twitter app. The terms of the deal between the two companies have not yet been made public.

“Coming soon! We’re working with @foursquare so you can tag specific locations in Tweets,” read a tweet from the micro-blogging company.

Twitter has for some time provided the feature of adding locations to tweets, though its efforts have never been extensive enough to include names of specific places in its locations list. Earlier, Twitter’s location services worked by detecting users’ coordinates based on device sensors and selecting a place based on those parameters. Until now, Twitter has been allowing tagging of tweets with general locations such as “Brooklyn, N.Y.” or “SoMa, San Francisco. But now with the advent of its partnership with Foursquare, the company looks to add more specific location tagging.

Vital deal for both Twitter, Foursquare

Though this Twitter-Foursquare partnership may not seem to be much, it is somewhat crucial for both companies, which are being jeopardized by the database of businesses and other locations that Facebook preserves in order to enhance its geological features. Further, the deal suggests that Foursquare possesses a powerful location database even though the social networking company does not own the most popular consumer apps. Also the association will provide an additional source of revenue to Foursquare. The company’s major source of revenue is from ads, data licensing, and local merchants’ subscriptions, as reported by the CEO of the company.

Though irrespective of how Foursquare grows after this, the location-based tweet service is expected to do a lot of good for Twitter by extending its options for advertising and monetization and help its new users with location-relevant tweets before they build their own timeline on the website.

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