Twitter Trying To See If Stickers Can Make Its Future Brighter

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Twitter might soon enter the stickers game. The micro-blogging site is testing a new product called Stickers, which will make it possible for users to add graphics onto a photo before tweeting, says a Re/code. Additionally, there will be one more feature to suggest other edits that have been made to the same photo, thus encouraging users to participate in furthering a meme.

Twitter not the first to experiment with stickers

Twitter wouldn’t be the first to utilize stickers as many other social media companies such as Line, Facebook, Path and Snapchat have already made them available, and some are seeing quite a bit of engagement as a result. Also this won’t be the first time for Twitter as its Camera app for celebrities and partners already has a similar functionality.

If the company launches this feature publicly, then it would represent the latest push by the company to boost its photo offerings. In the past couple of years, several changes have been made to it, such as the addition of filters and updates to allow users to include photos in their timelines and tweets. The company is currently researching to learn whether or not the Stickers feature has any potential to improve user growth, the report says.

Confirming this, a company spokesman told VentureBeat, “We’re always researching potential new ways to make Twitter more expressive.”

Another interesting feature

The feature that tells users what others have done with the same photo is the most interesting part of this offering. For example, if  a user comes across a goofy-looking picture of Donald Trump, Twitter could tell users what others have done to the picture so they can follow along or make a variation of their own, potentially fostering a meme in real time.

One possibility for how the photo suggestions might work is that Twitter could categorize photos on the basis of stickers they’re associated with. It cannot be said for now whether the micro-blogging platform will actually make these features available to users globally or not as it is still in the testing phase.

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