Twitter Inc Employees Receive Life Threats For Suspending ISIS Accounts

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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is the latest target on the radar of the Terrorist outfit ISIS, who is threatening many employees of the company with their lives for shutting down ISIS accounts. The death threat was sent to many twitter employees across San Francisco and Europe encouraging “lone wolf” attacks on them.

Threat to Twitter employees

The group accuses Twitter for pulling down the accounts of ISIS terrorists. ISIS keeps updating its propaganda on Twitter, along with the news of the two American journalists, who were brutally murdered. The micro-blogging network is weeding out the accounts of the ISIS terrorists, but they are reappearing quickly with minor changes in the names. Vocativ stated that the company has suspended the accounts several times.

These accounts along with hashtag “#TheConceptOfLoneWolfAttacks,” displayed their disappointment with the Twitter management over their campaign against the terrorist group. A note “AttackingTwitterEmployees” was also mentioned in one Tweet. One of the Tweets stated, “The time has arrived to respond to Twitter’s management by directly attacking their employees and physically assassinating them!! Those who will carry this out are the sleeper cells of death.”

Another Tweet read that every Twitter employee in San Francisco should know and limit themselves to their doorstep as there might be a lone wolf assassin waiting. There was no comment from Twitter over the increasing security in San Francisco headquarters, but the company said that only security team probing into the matter will decide on the relevant steps to be taken.

Twitter fighting the battle

In a shocking revelation, Vocativ mentioned that in the past month these accounts had more than 11% of the conversation with American Twitter accounts even though the aim of this outfit is not to challenge the social media group.

As per the report, since May more than 60,000 Twitter accounts have displayed their pro-jihad views on the social networking website. Out of total 60,000 at least 20,000 surfaced on August 20th after the horrific Foley video was shown. The origin of the video was YouTube, but was pulled off quickly, also Twitter users circulated the video and images on Twitter. According to the reports, the website responded quickly and removed the content as well as suspended the account distributing it.

Twitter has been trying hard to keep ISIS terrorists away from the platform. Also, one thing in favor of the micro-blogging site is that tracking and suspending such accounts is not very difficult.

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