Twitter Website, Mobile App Suffer Outage After Technical Glitch

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Microblogging platform Twitter is temporarily down for many users worldwide. Web visitors were greeted by an error page that read, “Something is technically wrong.” Its mobile app users were also unable to post or read tweets. The error message further says, “Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.” Some users complained about the issue on the microblogging site, while others took to Facebook to complain.

Twitter’s Tweetdeck is also down

Some users said their feeds were still visible despite the service being largely affected. The problem had also occurred on Monday, but the San Francisco-based company’s @support account tweeted yesterday that the problem had been resolved. Again on early Tuesday, a tweet from the same account read, “Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution.”

Tweetdeck, Twitter’s other official client, was also not working, according to The Independent. The company’s API status page that is made for developers also showed that most parts of the site were affected. The page said there was “Service disruption” as the performance dropped off massive early Tuesday morning. The API status page showed that the site had problems through the night.

An ‘unwelcome headache’ for Jack Dorsey

The issue has affected users worldwide. The loss of Twitter’s APIs multiplied the problem for developers and businesses. In the early years of Twitter, outages were so common that its “over capacity” error messages had received the nickname “fail whale.” In 2008, the service collapsed under the strain of an Apple keynote event.  But the service has become reliable in the last few years. It goes offline much less often and the issues are fixed pretty quickly when they occur.

Consultants at Frost & Sullivan told BBC News that the outage was an “unwelcome headache” for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who was named the company’s CEO in October 2015.

#Twitterdown is now trending

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