Twitter Launches Its First Custom-Branded Emoji From Coke

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Twitter launches its first brand-customized emoji, and its Coca Cola! On Thursday, the popular beverage company tweeted an emoji with two coke bottles toasting alongside the hashtag #shareacoke.

Smart move from Twitter

Twitter has been experimenting with a lot of new emojis this year, and for the promotion of ‘The Force Awakens’ it has already introduced emojis based on a Star Wars theme. The micro-blogging site can make a lot of money from such brand partnerships. The popularity of emojis is growing at a brisk pace, and by capitalizing on the trend and charging the brands to create a “hashflag” campaign for the public is a very smart move by Twitter.

Twitter’s emojis are loved by people and usage on the platform has gone up significantly over time, said Ross Hoffman, senior director of global strategy at Twitter. “This was a perfect opportunity to work with a nimble and smart marketer to make this happen,” Hoffman told TechCrunch

While Coca cola is the first major international brand to try emojis, there are several brands that will have emojis of their own very soon. Moreover, ifits test with Coke emoji goes well, we may soon have brands lining up at Twitter for a custom emoji.

Apple fans eagerly waiting for new emojis

Cola-Cola wants to draw the attention of a maximum number of users to its new Twitter emoji, and has brought in Vine stars like Ethan Dolan, his brother Grayson and Hayes Grier.

“Hey guys! I’m DM’ing a BUNCH of people who tweet me using #ShareaCoke @cocacola Let’s trend, see you in the DM’s,” read a tweet from Dolan.

Other than Twitter, there are several tech companies that are experimenting with emojis. Apple released the new version of its operating system, iOS 9, without a new range of emojis that left tech fans devastated, who wet to Twitter to vent their fury at “the missing emojis.” One of the most-awaited emojis is the controversial middle finger icon. There are several emotional emojis that were widely expected to be released along with the iOS 9, which was available for download on Wednesday. The emojis are now expected to arrive with the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system later this year.

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