Twitter Adds ‘Connect’ Tab, Makes Following Accounts Easier

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Twitter has come up with a new feature to attract more users and make the platform easier to use. The company’s mobile app now comes with a new Connect tab, which makes it easier for users to find accounts to follow.

Twitter makes it easier to follow accounts

In a blog post, Ricardo Castro, Twitter’s product manager, noted that the tab will suggest a list of accounts based on the accounts the user already follows and popular ones in the user’s area.  Twitter’s new feature is available in its latest app for Android and iOS.

The new feature adds a section that provides users with personalized recommendations for accounts to follow. The “find people” tab has been replaced with “Connect,” and you can easily see the update in the top left corner of the app.

The Notifications tab was previously called Connect, so do not be confused with the name. This new update will provide better following suggestions compared to the previous version of the app. The new feature will also allow users to sync the tab with their contact list so that they can receive a notification whenever people they know sign up.

Better suggestions based on habits

Factors like which accounts you are already following and your previous activity will be considered for making better recommendations. Also the Connect tab will explain the reason why it is making such suggestions. Twitter expects these recommendations to improve with time.

For a long time, critics have been complaining that new users often face problems in finding accounts to follow, thus making it hard for the micro-blogging giant to attract more users or even hang on to them.

In a blog post, Twitter said, “Finding new accounts to follow used to require jumping through a few hoops and a dash of luck,” and this new feature addresses this issue.

For the quarter that ended March 31, Twitter’s user base grew modestly to 310 million monthly active users from 305 million in the fourth quarter. Along with facing the user growth problem, the micro-blogging giant has been trailing rivals such as Facebook and Google. However, the company, which is led by co-founder Jack Dorsey, is trying hard to improve its interface and attract more users.

On Tuesday, Twitter shares closed down 2.78% at $14, an all-time low. Year to date, the stock is down by over 37%, while in the last year, it is down 63%.

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