Trump’s Wall: A New Mobile Game Almost As Silly As Trump Himself

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Despite ValueWalk generally staying away from politics I’ve made it very clear over the last year that on a good day I view him as a buffoon with no business allowing his narcissism to adversely affect the nation if enough people are stupid enough to vote for him. In an effort to get “really rich” a developer has released a mobile game called “Trump’s Wall” that is at least as stupid as Trump’s promised wall.

“Trump’s wall” should make devolper money, get him sued

Trump’s litigious nature (even though he doesn’t follow through on promised lawsuits quite often) will likely see the developer responsible for the new offering of this block stacking game, see a lawsuit or at least an injunction for portraying an orange Donald Trump using his catch phrase of “You’re fired.” I’m not sure how either are slanderous as it’s part of the English lexicon and he is orange on top of another things that I would like to write but I’ll wait until tomorrow when he says something stupid again.

This game, quite simply, is about as realistic as Trump’s actually wall that he’s used to incite his xenophobic supporters while unrealistically promising to make Mexico pay for it and forgetting how remote the areas for his silly proposal are for building it. I’ve not read anything from construction professionals, civil engineers, or people with binoculars that make his proposal anything less than unfeasible and less than about $20 billion but he won’t back away from it. Just because he’s suggested that the newly elected London mayor might get around his Muslim travel ban, he’s not going back on this one.

As simple-minded as Donald Trump

In the game itself, you play Trump as a heavy equipment operator charged with dropping block in place to keep ducks from crapping on the White House. Obviously, the ducks are immigrants and Trump’s empty promise is the White house.

The goal is to drop blocks and keep it stable enough to build it higher, and like the Donald it’s just that simple in its nature.

All the while you’re building you get the additional treat of getting “Trumpisms” until you get fired.

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