Trump’s Inaugural Fireworks Spelled ‘USR’ Not ‘USA:’ Twitter Explodes

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A pre-inauguration welcome party on Thursday for incoming U.S. President Donald Trump included a spectacular fireworks display, but it proved to be a real issue for users online. The fireworks left viewers open-mouthed when instead of “USA,” the sky glittered with a three-letter word which looked more like “USR.” This goof-up triggered a wave of jokes on Twitter.

When ‘USA’ looked like ‘USR’

The pre-inaugural concert in Washington, D.C. concluded with a traditional fireworks display filling the skies over the Lincoln Memorial with the American flag and three huge letters. All was going well until the three letters, which were meant to be “USA” but looked more like “USR.” Thereafter, the web exploded with screenshots and pictures of the fireworks fail, accompanied with jokes.

Some users suggested that it was all a prank by the fireworks crew. The majority, however, played around with the idea that Moscow hacked Trump’s fireworks show. Also there were diverse reactions to the “Moscow hacking fireworks” story. Some just laughed off the idea that Russia was trying to be America’s “Big Brother,” (a story that recently found its way into the mainstream media), while other endorsed the idea, says

This goof also lead to a new hashtag – #USR , which the Russian Twitter kin proposed to be used whenever Russian meddling is up for discussion, says

“Not again…looks like Russia has now hacked the fireworks display at Trump’s inauguration concert #USR,” tweeted one user.

Trump dances awkwardly

Another thing that caught the attention on Thursday was Trump’s awkward dance. During the “Make America Great Again!” concert, Trump was seen dancing awkwardly to Lee Greenwood’s performance of “God Bless the U.S.A.” Again, Internet users were the first to notice this.

During the concert, at one point, the 70-year-old President-elect was seen nodding his head, singing along and swaying to the patriotic song, says USmagazine. This again triggered Twitter eruptions.

“Stop dancing Trump. For the love of god this is awkward enough to watch,” tweeted one user.

Also Trump was caught on camera during the concert wiping a tear away from his eye while listening to 3 Doors Down perform “Here Without You.” To this, one user joked that Hoobastank was not available.

At the end of the concert, Trump thanked his supporters. He will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday.

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