Has Trump Really Boycotted Apple Inc.? Does Not Appear So

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Apple and Donald Trump have somewhat a strange relationship. Previously, the GOP candidate told South Carolina supporters to stop using Apple products until “they give [a] security number” to the San Bernardino shooter’s phone. But it appears he himself is not following what he said.

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Trump with the FBI or Apple?

Previously Trump asked for a boycott of all the products made by the iPhone company until it agrees to work with the FBI to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters.

“How do you like that? I just thought of that!” He told his South Carolina supporters.

It was not surprising when the presidential candidate sided with the government in the FBI vs. Apple case. It was expected of him to boycott his iPhone too, and he did. Trump, instead of using his iPhone, turned to his Samsung phone. But Digital Trends questioned where that logic went a few days later when he was seen using his iPhone while tweeting.

Trump either forgot about his boycott declaration or does not know how to use a Samsung device; whatever the case may be, he should have been more careful as people are watching. On March 11, Trump was seen using Twitter from both an Android phone and iPhone.

For Trump, it is easier to run an election than to switch phones

Typing on a non-iPhone may have been hard for the Republican presidential candidate, and we are certain of that because there have been many misspellings lately in his tweets, the report says. Trump, it appears, is making huge efforts to gain support from the American audience, but taking time to switch phones is a herculean task for him. Besides, he has other simpler things on his mind, one of them being running his U.S. election campaign.

This major glitch by Trump does make it clear that it is easy to simply forget about the Apple vs. FBI feud. But considering the resulting ramifications, it becomes extremely important for the public to be aware of a case like this because if the government and FBI get Apple to do what they want, the security of their data could be at risk.

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