Top ten biggest financial blogs in Canada

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Be it an experienced investor or a beginner, everyone needs to constantly update their financial knowledge to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of finance. One of the best ways to do so is to read financial blogs regularly. These blogs not only help investors stay up to date with the financial news but also assist them to manage their investment portfolio successfully. Moreover, reading blogs is economical both in terms of cost and time, plus there is no time constraint, you can read them whenever you want. Detailed below are the top ten biggest financial blogs in Canada.

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Ten biggest financial blogs in Canada

  1. The Motley Fool

This is a financial and investing advice company based in the U.S., but it offers region-wise specific blogs for almost all major markets, including Canada ( The Motley Fool blogs cover a wide range of topics, including stocks, personal finance, retirement planning and more. The primary objective of the site is to help users take control of their money and make better financial decisions.

  1. Million Dollar Journey

This a popular personal finance blog that talks about the financial journey of a young Canadian, who attains $1 million in net worth at the age of 35. The objective of the blog is to educate and inspire young Canadians to take their financials seriously. It tries to educate potential investors on financial topics, such as tax saving, investing, real estate and more.

  1. Young and Thrifty

This is also a personal finance site with an objective to help Canadians live a financially stress-free life. The site aims to give an understanding of personal finance from a Generation Y perspective. You can easily locate financial topics of interest to you on the site, such as how to save on taxes, how to buy your first home, credit card related topics, how to save on bank fees and more. Additionally, it even offers discount codes for bank accounts and financial products.

  1. Money Sense

It is also a great blog that helps you stay up to date on a variety of financial topics, as well as the financial industry. Moreover, the blogs on the site help you make financial decisions, no matter how small or big those decisions are, such as the financial implications of buying an iPhone. The site also helps you find an advisor.

  1. My Own Advisor

This blog belongs to Mark Seed, who is among Canada’s leading personal finance and investing bloggers. His blogs are a great read for experienced investors, as well as for beginners. Mark is a proponent of low cost ETF’s. He has been running the site since December 2009, and generally posts one blog a week. What makes Mark’s blog stand out from the others is the personal touch because, as he says, the fact is “nobody cares more about my money than I do.”

  1. Canadian Couch Potato

As the name suggests, the site takes a laissez-faire approach to personal financial management. Laissez-faire here doesn’t mean lazy, rather a minimalist approach. The blogs cover a wide range of topics, be it ETFs, choosing the right bank account and much more. Moreover, the blogs are easily readable and well thought out, and assists from beginners to experts on how to wisely manage their money without any outside help.

  1. WealthBar

This is a private wealth management service provider that strives to assist clients to reach their financial goals. To reach as many clients as possible, as well as to help existing clients, WealthBar regularly posts blogs on a range of topics, such as equities, personal finance, RRSP and more. It has been rebranded as CI Direct Investing on August 5, 2020.

  1. Invesco Canada

This is an investment management firm that offers portfolio management and consulting services to all types of clients, be it an investment company, pension plans, corporations, banks, insurance companies and more. Their blogs (, which come from experienced industry participants, are to the point and address the financial issues in the best possible way, plus they help investors stay up to date with any financial happenings.

  1. Freedom Thirty Five Blog

This is a financial blog that features news and commentary on topics related to personal finance, investing, and economics. The blog started in 2009 as a public diary tracking the blogger’s journey to become financially independent at the age of 35. Now, it has grown into a social hub of people interested in personal finance.

  1. Get Smarter About Money

This is a go-to site for all your financial issues, including calculators and tools, investing, retirement planning and much more. When you register with the site, you get three categories to start with – Investing Basics, Planning Your Future and New Research: Investing As We Age. Under each section, there are blogs to take users through the beginning, middle and final stages of their financial lives.