Top Cloud Server of 2021- Kronos Cloud Vs IBM Cloud Service

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The cloud server is the most wanted infrastructure of all the companies right now. Because companies saw a greater opportunity in storing & analyzing experience while storing the data in the cloud server, moreover, it also reduces the cost of rent for storing all the old data for keeping reports. Space management has entered into a new dimension with it. Customer analysis, inventory reports, sales region focus & other statistical data are common with the help of cloud servers. Therefore, missing these in a company means missing a large part. Moreover, to fill that gap, Kronos & IBM have come up with their up-to-date cloud servers.

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Kronos Cloud- Most Cost-Efficient Cloud Server

This Kronos is the most premium service of their corporation. Therefore, they named it after the synonym of leader- Kronos. Kronos has developed its reputation & respecting its name, becoming the market leader in a very short amount of time. Its features, pros, cons will show you why it achieved this position.


Multiple Data Centers: Kronos has multiple data centers set up all over the world to avoid regional restrictions. Therefore, corporations from all over the world can use it without thinking about when the government might shut the access off.

AI, AR, 3D support Tools: For few specific industries, specialized tools support is important. Moreover, it enhances their flexibility. Moreover, AI-based supports can target potential customers. In return, they can generate better revenue as well as profits.

Impenetrable Security: Kronos's developer teams are maintaining their security standard so thoughtfully. Because data is nothing less than gold, and they have the responsibility of protecting it. Therefore, they are constantly upgrading & updating it for better security support.

Better Customization: Kronos provides root access. With it, any corporation can customize its cloud platform according to its needs. Moreover, achieving this flexibility can make a corporation's operations more smooth and steady as they begin to grow. Because they can adjust whatever they need at any given time.

Development Allies: Kronos has many development allies, including their mother company Heficed. They assist them in developing better tools, and better optimization is present there. Again, these allies will help Kronos to grow in the future too. So, we can consider Kronos Cloud as a developing & developed cloud server.


  • Most affordable rate with required services
  • Best block free IP services
  • Diversified locations with efficient data transfer


  • Have relatively less experience

IBM Cloud Service- Most Experienced Cloud Server

IBM is the first company that introduced computers to us and made them popular all over the world. By the flow of time, they have shifted their business, retaining their perfection part intact. So, if they start anything, then surely, it will be for the top business well equipped with all the necessary tools & great user experiences. Its features will show how optimized it is.


Well-Built Hardware: IBM started with hardware & probably, they had the most experience in terms of hardware development. Therefore, they can combine better hardware to make things picture perfect & most efficient. Therefore, they provide the most efficient & downtime-free cloud service.

Efficient Program & Programmers: IBM is home to the world's topmost coders & analysts. They know how to make a program more efficient to run faster to save clients time. Cloud servers most of the work are automated, so if a client can confirm a single order extra daily, then this effort is worth that. Luckily, the efficient program & programmers of IBM are making that happen.

Less latency: As we mentioned that IBM has the most efficient hardware combination. Therefore, they can transfer data with less resistance. This provides less latency &, in return, a better experience in the end.

Maintained Security Standard: IBM has a long reputation for providing their clients a full security device. Now, the scenario has shifted, but the motive isn't. They are now providing their cloud service product equipped with up-to-date securities.

Well Maintained Tools: As mentioned, IBM has the most talented coders on their side. Therefore, they have developed up-to-date tools optimized with AI to help its client in a great manner. Most of the clients are satisfied with these tools because they are for real-life use. They are not there to highlight the statistics that IBM's cloud service has that many tools. Overall, these are worth spending on.


  • Up to date hardware make data transfer efficient
  • Bigger software developer oversees security in a better view
  • Management thinks about clients before profit


  • Relatively High Cost
  • Few data centers are banned in few regions

Expert's Opinion on Choosing Cloud Server

Between IBM cloud service & Kronos cloud, distinguishing both based on performance is tough. But after serving as CTO of a reputed company for around 12 years, I've seen what matters or what's not. If you have a bunch of features, but those are not coming into your use, then it won't be wise to pick with more money. On this basis of budget optimization, I can surely distinguish between Kronos & IBM.

Both are providing more or less the same services with a noticeable difference in charge. So, if you get something at a cheap price, then why will you go for a more pricey one. One cause can be reputation & reliability. Yes, IBM has come ahead of Kronos, but Kronos is also here for 12 years. And for judging reputation & reliability, 12 years is enough. Therefore, only on the basis of reputation, choosing IBM won't be wise. I will suggest you all choose Kronos Cloud Server.


As we mention that you will get to see what you should pick your cloud server, we have provided that here. A CTO of a multinational company has given his opinion from his personal experiences. Moreover, the features, pros & cons section perfectly distinguishes themselves from each other by providing their facts & benefits in front of you. Now, you should choose the suitable one for your corporation. Hopefully, our article helped you in taking the sophisticated decision.