Top 10 Worst School Punishments: Sometimes Teachers Go Just Too Far

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Almost all of us have received some kind of punishment in school as a kid. But the form of punishment today is supposed to be less severe than before as our education system continues to evolve.

But sometimes teachers and schools take things just too far. The worst school punishments are not just physical; they are also mental and psychological.

Here are some of the worst school punishments kids have experienced.

Top 10 worst school punishments

10- Child sentenced for threatening with bubble gun

A 5-year-old kindergarten student in Pennsylvania received a 10-day sentence for threatening a peer with her bubble gun.

She was accused of being a terrorist. A school authority happened to overhear the conversation and searched through her backpack.

Even after finding that the child was carrying no deadly weapon, she was sentenced for ten days for carrying a terrorist weapon (a bubble gun) to the class.

9- Juvenile arrested for burping

Most kids have no idea that they could find themselves in jail (or juvenile hall) for burping. In 2011, a teacher in Albuquerque called the cops because one of the students had the audacity to burp in school. The kid was taken down to the juvenile hall for testing.

8- Autistic child stuffed into the ‘Therapy Bag’

Christopher Baker, a 9-year-old autistic student in Kentucky, was stuffed into a duffel bag for misbehaving in class.

According to the Huffington Post, the teacher even pulled the drawstring tight and tied up around him.

Though the school claimed Christopher was in the “Therapy Bag” for no more than 20 minutes, his mother was shocked to hear her child’s voice coming from a tied up duffel bag when she came to pick him up. The involved teachers have since been fired

7- Locking students in ‘child-eating’ Monster Closet

Most children believe in monsters and some think a monster might be hiding in a closet. Some kindergarten teachers in Houston, Texas instilled fear in 4-year-old students that the janitor’s closet was a Monster Closet.

They would often lock the unruly kids in the Monster Closet and tell them that a monster was going to eat them. An untold number of students suffered this horrendous crime.

6- Lesbian girls sent to fake prom

A school in Fulton, Mississippi prohibits same-sex couples from attending the prom and other school functions.

A student named Constance McMillen petitioned school officials to let her and her girlfriend attend the prom, but the school was not in the mood to change their policy.

Eventually, the court ruled in Constance’s favor, and the school canceled the prom. The prom was held at a later date, but it was kept a secret from people like Constance.

She and her girlfriend were sent to a separate, fake prom. Later, Constance was harassed to the point that she ended up changing school.

5- Girls asked to pull their panties down

According to Elitereaders, an all-girl school in Japan has a horrible way of punishing students even for petty things such as arriving late or not doing homework.

Girls are asked to stand up and pull their panties down to the knees while others stare at them.

4- Put on the cone of shame

Florida is notorious for punishing students in most humiliating ways. One teacher would discipline students by making them wear dog cones around their neck.

It’s the same cone that is used to keep dogs from licking or chewing away their stitches following a surgery. It’s one of the worst school punishments in the world.

3- Kneeling on frozen pea

Recently, a photo went viral which showed the legs of an Asian girl who was forced to kneel on frozen peas for a long period of time.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the student was expelled for clicking pictures of the pea damage.

Other students are made to kneel on rice, corn, and cheese graters. This form of punishment has become more and more common in Asian countries.

2- Forcing kids to eat food off the floor

This happened in Charles Sumner Elementary School in New Jersey in 2009. A student accidentally spilled a water jug on the lunchroom floor.

When the school vice-principal Theresa Brown saw the incident, she made 16 students eat their lunch off of the floor for ten days.

Parents later learned about Theresa Brown’s unethical tactics. They filed a lawsuit against the school and won $500,000 in settlement.

1- Autistic student told that everyone hated him

Five-year-old Alex Barton suffered from high-functioning autism. When he disrupted the class one time too many, he was taken to the assistant principal and made to promise that he wouldn’t disrupt the class again.

Then he was sent back to the class. When he returned to the classroom, teacher Wendy Portillo held a class discussion about why she and all other students hated Alex. Worse, the 5-year-old autistic child was made to sit and listen why everyone hated him.

Most teachers do an admirable job of educating children, even the unruly ones. But some go way beyond the limits of humanity to try to discipline students.

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