Top 10 Worst Airlines In The World: You’d Not Want To Travel With Them

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There are dozens of airlines in the world, and most of them try to serve their customers the best they can. But all airlines are not equal. Earlier this year, we looked at the top 10 best airlines in the world. And now we are going to talk about the top 10 worst airlines on the planet – the ones you’d not want to travel with. Almost every airline can get you from point A to point B, but not all of them are awesome at dealing with their passengers. Some are downright horrible.

These are the top 10 worst airlines in the world

AirHelp, an air passenger rights company that advocates on behalf of passengers for compensation in case of cancellations and delays, recently ranked 72 airlines from around the world. Qatar Airways topped the list, but we are not going to talk about the best. We are going to talk about the terrible airlines. AirHelp took into account the on-time performance, quality of service, and claims processing to give carriers an overall score and rank them. Here are the bottom ten:

10- Jet Airways – India

Jet Airways scored 65% for on-time performance and a score of 7 for the quality of service, but got only 5.62 points for claims processing. I have traveled with Jet Airways many times, and their customer service isn’t great. Jet Airways got an overall score of 6.2/10.

9- Aerolineas Argentinas – Argentina

The Argentinian airline also had an overall score of 6.2/10, but they are pathetic at claims processing scoring just 3.59 point. But their flights often take off on time, with an 85% on-time performance. But if for some reason you had to cancel your flight, you are going to have a tough time getting a refund. Their customer service isn’t great either.

8- Iberia – Spain

The flagship Spanish airline was ranked among the best airlines last year, but only on the rankings based on the on-time performance. Iberia has an 84% on-time performance and a pretty good 8 for the quality of service. So, what brings down their overall score to just 6.13/10? Their claim processing is downright pathetic at just 2.30 points.

7- Korean Air – South Korea

The South Korean airline scored 8 for the quality of service and 3.72 points for claims processing. But their flights aren’t always on time. According to AirHelp, Korean Air scored just 64% for on-time performance. However, the airline has been praised for its new long-distance flights and the quality of food.

6- Ryanair – Ireland

The Irish airline score 86% for on-time performance. But that’s probably the only good thing about it. It scored a mediocre 3.27 points for claims processing and 6 points for the quality of service. The uncomfortable seats, extra costs, and not so great food quality are among other reasons that make Ryanair one of the worst carriers in the world.

5- Air Mauritius – Mauritius

This airline has an overall rating of just 5.99/10. According to AirHelp, it scored 8 for the quality of service but only 3.33 points for claims processing and 69% for on-time performance.

4- Easyjet – United Kingdom

The British airline received one of the lowest claims processing scores of just 1.31 points. It earned an 8 for the quality of service and has a 79% on-time performance. Flight cancellations, awful customer service, and poor customer communication make it one of the worst flyers in the Western world.

3- Pakistan International Airlines – Pakistan

The airline’s flights are often late (61% on-time performance), the quality of service is not good at all (6 points) and they scored just 4.22 for claims processing. Pakistan International Airlines has consistently ranked among the world’s worst carriers.

2- Royal Jordanian Airlines – Jordan

There is nothing royal about the Royal Jordanian Airlines. They have an overall score of just 5.13. It is a nightmare when it comes to claims processing (just 0.83 points). With a score of 6, the quality of service isn’t good either, according to AirHelp. Fortunately, they have an impressive 83% on-time performance.

1- WOW Air – Iceland

The Icelandic airline is the worst airline on the planet. Their poor ranking is due to pathetic customer service and terrible claims processing. According to AirHelp, WOW Air has scored 75% for on-time performance, 1.68 points for claims processing, and 6 points for the quality of service.

It was AirHelp’s sixth annual report. AirHelp CEO Henrik Zillmer said the airlines that put passengers first will come out winners in the long run. But these airlines have often focused on cutting corners and costs without paying much attention to their customers.

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