Top 10 M&A Sites Every Professional Should Follow

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Keeping track of the many deals that come and go throughout a multitude of businesses can be quite taxing. Finding reliable sources of information for different companies can especially be hard, seeing the massive stream of information that the internet throws at you. So if you are looking for some reliable information about the latest M&A deals happening around the world, here is a list of some of the most popular news with the latest information about M&A happening around the world.


Best M&A Sites for Mergers and Acquisitions

Since finding credible news can be quite the challenge, here is a list of some of the best news sites you can rely on for your M&A news updates.

1. M&A Leadership Council

The M&A leadership council is possibly the biggest collection of talent and professionals in M&A. They offer years of real-world experience and knowledge to their users. They also offer updates and news on deals happening in businesses around the world, along with their opinions on it. The leaders on the M&A leadership council include M&A attorneys and experts, giving you the best solutions that align with your needs. 

In conclusion, keeping track of some of the many updates in M&A can be very exhausting. And the best way to keep track of all of these updates is through the many M&A news sites that give you credible and insightful information into various deal transactions. 

2. The Guardian 

The Guardian is one of the biggest newspapers in the world. Home to some of the best journalists of the current day, the guardian is almost two centuries old dating back to the early 1800s. But other than covering daily political news and opinion pieces, they also have a section dedicated to business, especially the M&As happening around the world. 

Their team works hard to deliver some of the best content to you while only taking information from the most credible sources. Their coverage of the possible merger of Peugeot and Chrysler was very insightful, as well as their coverage of Debenhams rejection of Mike Ashley’s deal. 

3. The New York Times 

Although the New York Times has seen some very troubling years, the US-based newspaper is still one of the best around the world. Winning over 127 different Pulitzer Prizes over the years, the most any paper has ever gotten, The Times has many branches that extend into different parts of the world, including business.

The New York Times puts great care and effort into their articles, especially in their business coverage. Some of their best coverage includes luxury giant LVMH and its acquisitions of Tiffany. Another great piece that they covered was the Ultimate Software and its acquisition by Hellman & Friedman.

4. The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance 

While the Harvard law school forum on corporate governance does not post about M&A very often, they do cover large M&A deals. Their posts are also more focused on the legal aspects of the deal, but it is still a great place to look. Discussions on this forum include students and professors, allowing you to get the most information on specific mergers.

5. DealRoom Blog 

The DealRoom blog is much more than just a simple blog site where professionals come to brag about their achievements in M&As. The DealRoom blog contains vital information on how to navigate changes in M&A, as well as professionals giving their insight on how they deal with hurdles that they faced during their experiences. These conversations make for great insight for companies that are struggling with their processes.

More importantly, DealRoom regularly meets with some of the most popular and critically acclaimed M&A experts in “M&A Science” podcasts. Not only do they discuss the latest deals, but they also share their thoughts on each of these deals.

6. The Intralinks Blog

Intralinks is one of the biggest leading technology providers for various financial institutes. But other than crafting essential technology for these institutes to use, their blog section covers a wide range of different M&A topics. Their blog section also contains various discussions that they had with various market experts as well as M&A experts. 

7. Cooley M&A 

Cooley is an M&A partner that helps its customers navigate the M&A landscape effectively. Other than helping their customers through their experience and knowledge, they also help others that may be facing trouble with their deals.  Since starting their operations nearly 8 years ago, they have managed over a thousand M&A transactions. And with the blog section on their website, they bring all those years of experience and knowledge to you. 

8. The Khaleej Times 

The Khaleej Times is one of the biggest newspapers to emerge from the Middle East and holds immense credibility. While they are more famously known for their opinion pieces and their unbiased coverage of global events, they are also very reliable when it comes to their business pieces. Their most popular coverage was of Uber’s acquisition of Careem as well as the Mena M&A deals.

9. The Middle Market 

The middle market is a website that covers a wide range of services to help customers with their M&As. But other than these services, the middle market also has a dedicated blog where they discuss common issues that companies are facing with their M&As. They have great information about M&As and even cover some of the bigger mergers.

10. PWC 

PWC is an M&A service based in the UK, which helps its customers with the many troubles and hurdles that come with M&As. Their blog is also a great place for information about various new deals happening in M&A. They are also a goldmine for people looking to learn more about the M&A market as well as its many ins and outs. 

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