Top 10 Companies To Help Your Business To Accept Credit Cards Online

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With more customers going online to research and buy products as well as order various types of services, you know your business must be part of this platform.

When you setup your e-commerce store or your services website, you also want to be able to accept payments, especially the preferred method of credit cards that both consumers and businesses use for convenience, cash flow, and protection.

With the increased demand for online credit card acceptance, there are hundreds of companies that are now available to help your business process this payment method.

Knowing which processing company is right for you can take some serious research. Here are ten of the top companies that provide the platform for you to accept credit cards online and are a great place to start your research.

The Top Companies That Help Accepting Online Credit Card Payments

Here are ten of the top companies that provide the platform for you to accept credit cards online and are a great place to start your research:

1. Due

Due is an online payments company that provides one of the lowest rates for its domestic and international credit card processing services. The typical rate for Due is a straight 2.8% for a standard account to process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

The company doesn’t have any hidden costs or monthly fees and no per transaction cost. It offers simple integration along with live account monitoring, fraud prevention tools, chargeback protection, reports and analytics, and deposit on demand.

Due’s Enterprise account offers custom rates for revenues that exceed $250,000 per month while its custom payment solution provides a way to completely customize payment acceptance to fit your business.

2. Flint

Made for small businesses, Flint provides an easy way to add a Buy Now button to social media profiles, website, and even marketing emails so that customers can easily and securely buy.

There is no coding required to integrate Flint’s payment software plus it is completely encrypted and adheres to all PCI standards. No customer data or images related to that data are ever stored.

The company also offers on-the-spot payments that use a merchant’s smartphone to scan the credit card number and have customers sign before receiving their receipt via e-mail.

3. Flagship Merchant Services

This month-to-month merchant services provider offers a range of solutions that make it ideal if you have a physical location and online presence. You can opt to process all the main credit cards and signature debit cards through its partner,

They also provide a way to help you manage any automated recurring billing for subscription services you offer. Their payment platform syncs with QuickBooks, making it easy to import transactions directly into your existing account to save time reconciling your financial records.

Other features include PCI compliance, advanced fraud detection, and robust online account tools.

4. National Bankcard

Key advantages to working with this merchant services company is their offering of wholesale credit card processing rates that are typically only offered to the large retailers.

Other benefits include no setup or cancellation fees, numerous gateway options, a virtual terminal, same-day installation, live customer support, and a merchant interface with multiple reporting capabilities.

You can get your money fast with its next day payment that puts money in your bank account within 12 hours of processing. National Bankcard also integrates with over 100 shopping cart solutions and provides recurring billing. You need to contact the merchant services provider to get a custom rate quote.

5. Cayan

Although they don’t actually post their rates and prefer to offer a customized rate plan based on their competitive tier system, the credit card processing company is becoming well-known for its high-value services for both online and offline payment processing.

Cayan is an ideal choice for those businesses that do both types of credit card processing because the company provides special discount pricing for delivering their solution for both payment channels.

The payment services provider has transparent pricing related to the fees it charges, including a flat monthly fee and annual PCI-compliance fee. They offer responsive service, one-day application and set-up process, and funding in your bank account between one and two business days.

6. Helcim

Offering offline and online solutions for credit card processing, this company’s online, or “virtual offering” is a cloud-based platform that lets you sign-in from any device to process all the key credit cards.

As a complete online solution, Helcim features recurring billing, automated invoicing and payment requests, a payment gateway API, third-party shopping cart integration and a card vault.

Their virtual terminal costs $25 per month with a full range of rates, depending on the type of credit card and how you process credit cards online. The average price they quote is 2.15% plus 25 cents per transaction. Included in their price is PCI compliance with no gateway fees.

7. Braintree Payments

Although this is a PayPal company, it does offer a different experience regarding what it offers you for payment acceptance. Through Braintree Direct, you can accept credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and digital wallets. Its international capability provides you with a way to take over 130 currencies.

Features include a control panel, webhooks, easy integration into your existing online platform, PCI compliance, an extensive list of integration options, and numerous fraud tools like the ability to add 3D Secure.

Fund settlement into your account typically takes up to two days. Average rates for credit card processing is 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction. There are no fees required, so that means no monthly minimum, monthly service, or PCI compliance fees.

8. PaylineData

This merchant services account company delivers solutions for online, offline, and mobile payment acceptance. Its online credit card processing works through its flexible payment gateway that integrates with over 125 different shopping cart tools and has a versatile API for further integration into your operating model.

Features include recurring and subscription billing, electronic invoicing, customer insights, and Level 3 Processing. Focused on minimizing chargebacks, Payline Data has great security and fraud protection solutions like iSpyFraud.

The company uses an interchange-plus pricing structure. Online merchants pay interchange, plus .35% plus ten cents per transaction as well as a $15 monthly fee to use their online payments gateway. Other than that, there are no contract or application fees.

9. CDGCommerce

This primary merchant account makes the list because it provides a simple online credit card processing system for small businesses that don’t need anything too complicated or require a secondary processing service for a physical location.

You can choose between or Quantum as your free gateway for credit card processing, which both offer numerous integrations and the ability to do recurring billing.

The completely free gateway means you don’t have to pay for setup or a per transaction fee, which are common costs among so many credit card processors. It uses an interchange-plus pricing model, which is interchange plus .30% plus 15 cents per transaction.

They also charge a $10 per month support fee. They offer an optional $15 per month security service, which gives you access to $100,000 worth of data breach insurance.

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