Tom Rogers: TiVo Is Launching A New Network Comedy Service Targeting Cord Cutters

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TiVo CEO Tom Rogers spoke with FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Liz Claman about TiVo Roamio OTA (over-the-air) and the launch of their new comedy collection service.  Rogers unveiled that TiVo has partnered with the major networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, to offer an on-demand OTA channel featuring their “core comedy shows.” The programs, Rogers continued, will be available by pushing “one button” and “every episode is automatically recorded.” He further commented that the new product is targeting the cord cutter population, saying “you don’t need cable for this,” and will offer customers the ability to “put together their own package of video” content.

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers on the increase of subscribers cord cutting from cable:

“I’m not advocating cord cutting, but there are people out there who cut the cord or were never cable subscribers, but they need that high speed internet service, and then they are going out and trying to figure out how to put together their own package of video.”

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers on launching a TiVo comedy collection service:

“The TiVo OTA, which stands for over the air, allows you to record the OTA network channels. We are going to make this really easy for you to get just what you want whenever you want it. The NBC comedy collection, the ABC comedy collection, the CBS comedy collection, and the FOX comedy collection, each will have the core comedy shows-push one button every episode is automatically recorded.”

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers on whether you need cable for the new service:

“You don’t need cable for this. The Roamio OTA, it costs $49 and what it gets you is the ability to record broadcast channels over the air and put it together with Netflix, Amazon streaming services so you have what you call a over the air, over the top combination.”


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