Tobacco is Zimbabwe’s biggest source of income in foreign currency

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Tobacco industry in Zimbabwe: Boon or gloom?

Published on May 31, 2016

Tobacco is Zimbabwe’s biggest source of income in foreign currency, and has become a lucrative means of livelihood for tens of thousands of small-scale growers. But the health risks associated with smoking have put the industry under increasing scrutiny and possible threat.


0:00the riches these farmers have earned from Zimbabwe is golden leaf continue to
0:05attract more of them to try their hand at it
0:09it’s the biggest success story of the farming industry but a global push to
0:13control and ultimately banned smoking means returns for these farmers could be
0:20the majority of tobacco is exported in its raw form but local manufacturers
0:26still have a sizable domestic market which is closely regulated we have
0:31signed most conventions in the control of the use of tobacco we
0:41I believe if some of the most stringent regulations a regarding the use of
0:49e in the country smoking in public buildings as band and sale of cigarettes
0:55to people under the age of 18 is a criminal offence years of economic
1:01hardships have spawned a growing number of informal street vendors plying their
1:06trade on street sides and pavements
1:09out here on the streets it’s difficult to control who is buying tobacco
1:15Brian just over 18 himself says some of his clients are – they’re not even God
1:22over I know it’s wrong but the reason i’m on the streets is to make money so
1:26if someone comes to buy tobacco
1:28I can that better income goal even if they are underage
1:32it’s the reason why some activists want a total ban on the sale of tobacco
1:37products but some fear that will create a black market
1:41opinions are divided on that as well as whether or not the country should grow a
1:46crop that is such a grave health hazard
1:50we r payment purchase of two buckle
1:54we also know the harmful effects of the papal so by understanding the
2:06responsibilities is a primary producer
2:10we are the four friends those countries that we are saying yes to produce it but
2:21it is not good for health
2:23you must take the questions in the long run is a country you could do my greatly
2:30and more
2:31II more grab or crop is a replacement for tobacco
2:37that would mean learning the ropes again for these farmers who for now have found
2:43their Forte
2:45same to you CCTV Harare Zimbabwe

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