Tim Cook: Apple TV Is An Area Of Intense Interest For Us

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Tim Cook: Apple TV Is An Area Of Intense Interest For Us

Industry insiders have long been speculating that Apple may unveil a revolutionary iTV by 2013. When the same question was asked to Apple CEO Tim Cook during All Things Digital conference, he wouldn’t give a clear answer. He just said that there are many people who are not pleased with their present TV experience, and Apple can make a significant contribution in giving them a better experience. Tim said, “This is an area of intense interest for us, and we’re going to keep pulling this string and see where it takes us.”

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) already has a set-top box called Apple TV, which streams Netflix and other content. Though it’s not a mainstream product of Apple like iPad, iPhone and iPod, the company sold over 2.8 million Apple TVs in the last financial year and 2.7 million in the first half of current fiscal year.

Cook said his company has strong business relationships with content creators, so Apple doesn’t need to enter the content business. Apple has many thousands movies, over 120,000 TV episodes and 30 million songs. So, content is not an issue for the company.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is not eyeing any big acquisitions, but a possibility can’t be ruled out. The company never purchases any firm for revenues, but for skills, intellectual property and people.

When Swisher asked whether the “patent wars” are a problem for Apple, Tim Cook said that his company can never let someone else put their name on a product that Apple has developed.

There have been several lawsuits against Apple over standard-essential patients. Cook said, “product lawsuits are maddening, a waste, and a time-suck, but they can never stop Apple from innovating new things.”

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