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A Cheap Handy Tool For Anyone Who Ever Misplaces Items

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If you’ve ever lost your wallet, keys, or phone you know just how essential it can be to keep tabs on your belongings. Forgetting things can be stressful, and without due vigilance, a stranger could take advantage of your bad day. A year ago I got a present which I  I gave it to my wife who thought it was a useful accessory but misplaced it. While cleaning up a few weeks ago we found the Tile (this model), I immediately set it up and attached it to my car keys. A few weeks before that our three-year-old son had thought it amusing to hide the keys; it took two weeks of extensive searching to find them. I immediately attached the Tile App and set it up (a rather quick and easy process). I loved the product so much and in the meantime had misplaced my wallet that I decided to see if the company would send me a copy of a review. The folks at Tile were kind enough to send me the newer slicker designs. Additionally, there is a nice Tile app sale at the moment on Amazon.

Amazon offers a solution with the Tile Pro combo pack this Holiday season, so you should not have to experience what I did. With two distinct designs, the Pro series has a host of unique features that are sure to fit any lifestyle. Both the Tile Sport and the Tile Style are waterproof and have a range of up to 200ft. The Pro series is also twice as loud as other Tiles previously sold on the market.

The Tile Sport is known for the extra level of durability that it offers. If you’re always on the go biking, boarding, or otherwise testing your mettle, the Tile Sport is the perfect companion. Its waterproof capabilities allow the device to work underwater for up to an hour while maintaining a minimum perimeter of nearly 1.5 meters. Also, the Tile Sport can stand up to falls on rough terrain making it an essential tool for people with a love for the outdoors. While the Tile Style isn’t as rough and tumble, this is one accessory that is so sleek and elegant that it’s a natural in the boardroom and at the club

Tile Sport screenshot via Amazon

With the Tile combo pack, you don’t need to settle on one over the other but can have both for less than $100.00. The Tile can be attached to your purse, placed on your keyring, or used as a money clip. For your convenience, the Tile app is compatible with both Apple and Android products. Already own an older version? No problem. Turn in your old Tiles and get an upgrade. What makes this brand particularly interesting is the search party feature. By connecting to millions of other users around the globe, the Tile community is an extra set of eyes and devices on alert for your belongings. Effectively broadening your sphere of influence. The Tile battery can work for up to a year with zero upkeep and no extra charge, giving you multiple opportunities to come across items that may have otherwise stayed lost for good.
Thanks to the great deals offered during the holiday season, you can add the Tile Mate and Slim (great for wallets) combo pack to your shopping cart for an additional $60.00. That’s a sale of four extra Tiles for half of the price. In addtion to the Tile App sale, be sure to take advantage of the Amazon Rewards Visa card and get half off the cost of the Tile Pro series upon approval.

Finally, the site itself is having a huge sale – this week only – 45% off on 2 Mate + 2 slim, and 40% off on Mate 4 pack

FTC Disclosure: Tile sent me products in return for an honest review. I LOVE the product, it is inexpensive, and I would recommend Tile to everyone. I rarely ask companies for products, it is usually the opposite, but I made an exception to the rule here with Tile.

Forget about losing stuff, how much time do you spend trying to find keys or wallets or bags every day? It adds up! You can take advatange of this Tile app sale and solve 95% of that problem! The above is my honest opinion of all the various models the company offers. I might gift a few to some family and friends while the Tile app sale is still on.

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Tile app Sale
Tile app on my iPhone 8 plus with multiple devices sycned ( could not fit it all in one screensnhot)

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