Thomas Felice wristwatch – a quality customized product at affordable cost

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Even though people nowadays have mobile and smartwatches, the craze for traditional watches is still very much alive. This makes them a perfect gift option for Thanksgiving, or Christmas or even New Year. And, if you want your gift to be one notch up, then you can add to it a touch of customization with a Thomas Felice wristwatch.

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Thomas Felice wristwatch – what makes them different?

Thomas Felice design watches with customized watch hands. You can also select from the already designed watches, and one of their most popular designs is watches with minute and hour hands shaped like anchors and sails, such as the watch named Drop Anchor.

This watch in the 44mm category features a sail-shaped hour hand and anchor-shaped minute hand. Such designing gives the watch an elegant look and makes it apt for anyone who loves to travel, especially sea lovers.

The face of the watch is blue, while the hands and roman numerals are in silver. This color combination gives the watch a classy look. Additionally, the watch comes with two interchangeable straps (genuine leather), one is blue and the other is brown. The case is stainless steel while the watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM.

You get a travel pouch with the watch as well. This watch is suitable for both casual wearing, as well as formal occasions. In terms of cost, this beautifully designed time piece will set you back just $150. To know more about this Thomas Felice watch and to buy one, visit this link.

Apart from this anchors and sails design, you can also go for shapes resembling umbrella, roses, arrows, hockey, modern art and more.

A point to note is that in terms of design, Thomas Felice watches are not very different from any other watch on the market. However, the customization of hands and the premium quality at just $150 is what makes them stand apart.

Disclosure: The company was kind enough to send me a watch in return for an honest review of the product.