The Taxman Taketh, Businesses Giveth Away – Well, At Least Today

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Few things are more certain than death and taxes, though steroid use in baseball and a school shooting that the NRA will argue has nothing to do with guns are rapidly catching up in certainty. Today, numerous businesses and restaurant chains are offering everyday taxpayers, not those that use loopholes and Mitt Romney’s accountant, a break on a variety of items. While many are simply promotional gimmicks, who cares? Free is Free.

Arby’s: For the fourth consecutive year, the fast-food chain will offer a free snack-sized portion of its curly fries for those that download a coupon from because, as the company says, “taxes are difficult,” while “curly fries are curly and not difficult.”

Office Depot: If you run out of napkins while eating your curly fries, fell free to use some of your old sensitive papers bound for the shredder. If you head over to Office Depot Inc (NYSE:ODP) with those and other documents the company will shred five pounds of your paper free of charge until April 29th.

Hard Rock Cafe: In one of the more generous offerings, select HRC locations will allow patrons to “Sing For Their Supper,” No matter your ability, or the limits of your pipes the company is offering a free entree for those willing to sing a song.

Great American Cookie: Just walk in and grab your free chocolate chip cookie, just don’t expect seconds as customers are limited to one.

Sonic: Half-price on all drinks and slushies, which – because of the many flavor combinations – equates to 1,392,085 possible deductions, according to the drive-in chain.

Timothy O’Toole’s Pub: In true “stick it to the man” fashion, the chain is offering a day free of taxes on food and drinks.

Papa Murphy’s: This one is simple, lunch and dinner for $5. A large pepperoni pizza for $5 for lunch than take it home and reheat while you finish your return. Or, hell, eat it cold.

This is just a sampling of what’s out there and while most of these businesses have locations in most metropolitan areas, do a quick search for your city and map out your quest for free.

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