The Rise Of Video Marketing And How It Affects Your Business

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As you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed, you notice that it consists mostly of videos. And these are the videos that you watch 80% of your time on social media.

What about YouTube videos?

According to statistics, 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online instead of TV. We live in a world where the search for solutions to problems occurs on the Internet. Videos play a key role in the decision-making process.

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach both potential and existing customers. Video marketing will completely change the way you do business.

According to statistics:

  • 90% of consumers say videos help them make purchasing decisions.
  • 97% of marketers say videos help build customer trust.
  • 81% of businesses use video to promote.
  • Live videos (streams) will account for 13% of all traffic by 2022.
  • Over 80% of all traffic will be video by 2022.
  • 74% of people who have the opportunity to see a product in action via video will buy it.

What Is Video Marketing?

Marketing is an advertising activity that aims to inform the public about your business, its services, and its products. In most cases, it is not intended for direct sales, but it allows you to educate the public about your business.

If we take social marketing as an example, then on a Facebook page, you can show what services your business offers. Also, you can communicate with your audience through posts, comments, and likes. Social marketing can show what people think or say about your business or what will help the business improve the quality of its services.

In the past, traditional marketing methods had a few advertising tools. But this has changed with the advent of the Internet. There are a lot of digital marketing strategies. But video marketing is taking the lead in promoting products and services.

Benefits of Video Marketing

The most compelling reasons for the mandatory implementation of video marketing in business are:

Video marketing is the most effective way to start communication with the audience.

It is difficult to start communicating with the audience when a business has just started functioning. Nobody knows about it. Video marketing can remedy this situation. Research shows that video marketing can change people’s attitudes towards a brand. It is important to understand that video marketing works best when the audience is resting at home. Video editing quality also plays an important role in the presentation of your brand. For example, you can use such video software as Movavi to edit your videos.

Video marketing can help humanize your brand.

Artificial intelligence is changing the perception of all areas of life. Still, no one thinks that video marketing is changing our habits as much as artificial intelligence. It is difficult to humanize a brand (business) with only text as it has limited capabilities. Videos with people work wonders; they convey emotions, tell stories, make it clear to the audience what a brand is. Voice, appearance, character, personality – all of these play an important role in video marketing. With their help, a viewer can convey any message, so it is very important to delve into details.

Video marketing has a huge potential.

Millions of people watch YouTube videos for hours. Imagine how it can affect your business if everyone took a minute to watch your video. Research shows that around 90% of consumers watch videos on mobile phones before making a decision. The world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day. Keep in mind that YouTube views are increasing by 100% every year, and so is the audience. Brands that chose this path of development a few years ago are now making 10 times their initial profit. Video marketing is a revolution that is breaking television.

Video content improves website SEO performance.

Google owns YouTube, which means a lot to marketers who use video marketing in their business. There are many different statistics on how many times a site with an embedded video gets more views. In most cases, this figure is above 50. Search engines love videos because they consider them to be high-quality content. So, it’s important to use them on the home pages of your site. Once you have video content, you can optimize it with SEO-friendly titles and descriptions. Thus, you will increase your site’s search engine rankings. This way, you can not only reach new audiences with videos but also increase your site’s search rankings.

Video marketing is a perfect way to build customer confidence.

It is very difficult to convince the reader with a marketing copy. It is easy to build trusting and long-term relationships with your audience using videos. For a good start, it is enough to tell the audience a brand story of up to 60 seconds. The video will evoke a quick emotional response from viewers. Thanks to the emotions that videos cause, millions of YouTube channels continue to live and develop.

Video marketing is the best way to grab the attention of lazy shoppers.

Today, people don’t have time to scroll through long ad posts. They prefer visualized content that immediately tells in all the details about a product or service. That is why businesses that use video marketing in their promotion are successfully gaining the attention of customers.

Video marketing is the best way to outperform the competition.

Many brands still don’t use video marketing because they think it’s too expensive and doesn’t pay off. This is their huge mistake. While competitors are sleeping, do not lose your opportunities. Using videos and knowing top strategies can make you more advanced and successful in the eyes of your clients. With its help, you can show the inner workings of your business, and in return, gain trust. It’s easier to get customers to trust video marketing than context.

Video marketing can help you cover more of different market segments.

Market segmentation is an important component of any promotion. Without the analysis of it, success is impossible. According to statistics, some age groups prefer Instagram, others Facebook, and others YouTube. Since you can post videos on any of these three social networks, it is possible to engage a much larger audience than you intended. Videos attract everyone, so it is important to develop video content that will be of interest to every market segment.

Your content may have high chances of becoming viral.

Research shows that people share videos much more often than text content. Under any video, you can create buttons with which the audience can share the video. Who knows, one day, your video may become viral on the Internet.