The 2022 Sohn Investment Conference – Line Up

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The following is the line up for the 2022 Sohn Investment Conference that will be held today virtually, June 9th, from 12:00PM to 5:00PM ET. Stay tuned for much more coverage by coming back to this link today and over the next few days.

We will have full in-depth coverage for our Premium members.

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Line Up Of The 2022 Sohn Investment Conference

12:00PM - Opening Remarks with Graham Duncan (Sohn Conference Foundation)

12:02PM - Arc Institute Thesis with Patrick Collison (Stripe)

12:06PM - Patrick Collison (Stripe) in conversation with Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX)

1:14 PM - An Investment Idea from Mala Gaonkar (SurgoCap Partners)

1:25 PM - An Investment Idea from Lauren Taylor Wolfe (Impactive Capital)

1:37 PM - Nat Friedman (Fmr. GitHub) in conversation with Tobi Lütke (Shopify)

2:38 PM - An Investment Idea from Karen Karniol-Tambour (Bridgewater)

2:53 PM - An Investment Idea from David Einhorn (Greenlight Capital)

3:12 PM - Patrick O’Shaughnessy (O’Shaughnessy Asset Management) in conversation with Nancy Lazar (Piper & Sandler Co.)

3:40 PM - A Conversation with Nan Ransohoff (Stripe), Sierra Peterson (Voyager), and Sarah Sclarsic (Voyager)

3:54 PM - Arc Institute Presentation with Silvana Konermann (Arc) and Daniel Gross

4:13 PM - Dan Sundheim (D1) in conversation with Frank Slootman (Snowflake)

5:15 PM - John Collison (Stripe) in conversation with Stan Druckenmiller (Duquesne Family Office)

Who was your favorite presenter? Did you like the long and short pitches? Which in particular? Tell us by sounding off in the comments section.