Tesla Tiny House Tours Australia To Promote Energy Products

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Tesla has come up with a one-on-one educational idea to showcase the power of its Powerwall and solar energy. The EV firm has built a house on wheels dubbed the Tesla Tiny House to showcase its energy products and educate the masses about them in Australia.

Tesla Tiny House on a tour of Australia

Towed by the Model X, the Tesla Tiny house is powered by a 2kw solar power system and Powerwall. Within the house there is a design studio and configurator that helps calculate a home’s needs.

The Tesla Tiny House will stop in Melbourne’s Federation Square from August 14-15, and Tesla staff will talk about the products that can power homes and safeguard them from outages while also reducing energy bills. The staff will also answer questions raised by potential customers.

After stopping in Federation Square, the Tesla Tiny House will head to the Home Show at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (August 17-20), followed by the Eco-Living Fair at the Randwick Community Centre in NSW (September 3), the Brisbane Home Show at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (September 8-10), Rundle Mall in South Australia (September 20 – October 2), Sustainability Lane at Lane Cove Shopping Centre in NSW (October 8) and the Sydney Home Show at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park (October 27-29).

Throughout the tour, anyone can nominate their school, town or community group for future stops, notes Gizmodo.

Australia is a very important market for Tesla’s energy products. With the highest per capita penetration of rooftop solar at 15% of households, Australia has over 1.5 million households using this form of energy. Previously, executives at the Palo Alto-based company stated that eventually, all those households will need energy storage systems, which is why Tesla decided to tap the market early for Powerwall 2 installations, notes Electrek.

Tesla and its solar plans

In May, Tesla revealed the pricing for its solar roof, quoting a considerably lower price than what was expected. Compared to the estimated $24.50 per square foot price as calculated by Consumer Reports, Tesla’s solar roof was priced at $21.85 per square foot. The company also created a Solar Roof Calculator, which helps customers to calculate the cost of an installation for their homes. The company is looking to offer financing support for solar roofs starting towards the end of 2017.

Earlier, when Tesla started taking pre-orders for its solar roof tiles, it said that these roofs will first be installed on the homes of Tesla employees to weigh the efficiency of the technology. Photos of the first two installations were added in a letter to shareholders earlier this month.

Later, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the first two roofs were installed on his house and the home of Tesla CTO JB Straubel.

To make sure that people do not have any doubts about the pictures, Musk said in a statement to The Verge, “I want to emphasize there’s no Photoshopping on the roof. That is actually how it looks. It was, ‘Take some pics with your phone and send them over.”

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