Tesla Becomes Most Trusted Auto Brand In Canada In Just 3 Years

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Tesla has been named as the most trusted auto brand in Canada, according to a survey by Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI). In its second-annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI) report, the University of Victoria ranked Tesla eleventh in all categories combined, reports Electrek.

Tesla – a trusted brand in just three years

Tesla came to Canada in 2013, and since then, the EV firm has delivered more than 4,500 vehicles in the country. Three years of presence is really a short time for gaining the trust of consumers, but the company’s younger customers helped it sprint ahead of more established brands such as Honda and General Motors, says Electrek.

Saul Klein, dean of the Gustavson School of Business, said, “We think there’s a shift taking place: In many ways we choose brands that provide their basic functions well, that are reliable, value for money, whatever.”

In the long term, however, according to Klein, people seek to be associated with brands that respect the environment, treat their employees well, invest in community and care about social well-being. Tesla’s mission to “accelerate the advent of electric transport” is extensive and according to the survey, it can attract people under the age of 35. The Palo Alto-based company achieved third place in every segment for people surveyed under the age of 35, only behind IKEA and Band-Aid.

Though Canada doesn’t account for a noticeable percentage of Tesla’s sales currently, it might garner higher sales in the coming years once the EV firm introduces the Model 3. On the very first day of the Model 3 reservation, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver stores saw some of the longest queues, notes Electrek.

Solar roof with battery pack coming soon

In other Tesla news, CEO Elon Musk looks forward to launching a new solar roof and an integrated battery and charger for Tesla automobiles. This could be the first product that the company will launch after its partnership with SolarCity, the solar panel maker that Tesla announced in August that it plans to buy for $2.6 billion.

In a tweet on Thursday, Musk said the new system featuring a second-generation Powerwall home battery, will debut at an event held in San Francisco, Bay Area on October 28. Back in July, Musk mentioned in his “Masterplan” the reason for having partnership with Solar City. He hinted that such a product could be launched in the coming future.

Musk wanted to come up with “a smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product that just works, empowering the individual as their own utility, and then scale that throughout the world.”

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