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Tesla Superchargers Will Now Have Valet To Assist You

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Tesla is planning to roll out a new valet service to facilitate charging at a few stations of its Supercharger network, says a report from Electrek. It is expected that this service will be of much use at Tesla’s busiest charging stations located in California and other regions where a large number of people own Tesla’s vehicles.

More ease for Tesla drivers

Until now, there were no supervisors at the Superchargers, and maintenance and repair tasks were carried by the employees present there. But now there are reports that Tesla is already rolling out the new services at selected Superchargers in California.

It often happens that when a Tesla owner arrives at a Supercharger, all stalls are occupied. Such owners will now be offered a valet to park their car until a stall becomes available, and then the valet will move the car to the vacant stall for charging. Tesla’s new service complements the “Valet Mode” introduced in the version 6.2 (now 7.1) of its software, which can be activated when leaving your vehicle with a valet.

“Valet Mode conveniently and discreetly limits Model S’s driving performance and restricts access to certain settings and personal information.”

Valet or Charging Experience Specialist

It appears that the EV firm had been planning this service since last year when it started hiring people for a new role called “Charging Experience Specialist,” whose main responsibility was managing onsite customer demand at Supercharger Stations.

The responsibilities of a Charging Experience Specialist are more than those of the regular responsibilities of a valet. Describing the role in a listing on its website, Tesla says the responsibility will be to drive an exceptional customer experience at its Charging locations.

“The Charging Experience Specialist will be the expert at managing onsite customer demand, understanding customer feedback, conducting field research, and educating customers on products and services, including optimal charging options,” the listing reads.

On-demand valet parking

Earlier this year, Tesla started an on-demand valet parking and charging pilot program in New York and San Francisco in partnership with Luxe. The service allows Tesla vehicle owners to request a valet on-demand through Luxe’s app. A valet will come pick the car up from its owner and park it at a designated charging station.

Tesla owners will also be able to request additional services such as a car wash, and they will also be allowed to leave the car overnight. The owners will also have an option of a driver picking them up and driving them home in their car. This will be helpful to people who are not able to drive themselves.

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