Tesla Starts Sending Model 3 ‘Token Of Appreciation’ Gift

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Tesla unveiled the Model 3 on March 31, and on that day, there were many people who waited in line outside Tesla stores to place their orders. Now as a token of appreciation, these reservation holders have started receiving gifts from the EV maker.

Tesla promises something for all

In April, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce a token of appreciation gift to all who lined up at stores.

“Token of appreciation for those who lined up coming via mail. Thought maybe 20-30 people per store would line up, not 800. Gifts on order,” Musk tweeted that time.

Now Musk says that not only will the 75,000 people who reserved a Model 3 in-store before the unveiling receive a gift, but all the people who preordered the vehicle, including online, will be given something. Those ones who made the additional effort of waiting in lines to reserve a Model 3 will get something “extra.” Musk also tweeted a picture of the Model 3 design sketches, suggesting the company will send the print and a few more things to customers.

Seth Barrial, one of the reservation holders who received the gift through the mail over the past weekend, sent the images to Teslarati. It is nothing but a copy of early hand sketches of the Model 3 with a note from Musk. At the official Model 3 unveiling event, Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, had been passing out the same sketches to attendees.

Model 3 an important part of Tesla’s plan

Tesla’s Model 3 is considered the most important car for the company’s future and is also a part of Tesla’s Secret Master Plan. The car had gained so much popularity before its unveiling that fans around the world lined up in droves hours before the official opening hours of local Tesla stores, and some even went as far as camping out overnight, hoping to be among the first to place a $1,000 reservation deposit.

Since then, the Model 3 reservation number has been continuously rising, and the latest figure is pegged at close to 400,000 units. Musk advises interested parties who want delivery in 2018 to order their Model 3 soon.

The Model 3’s launch event was an exclusive one and a lot different than those of the Model S and Model X. The Model 3 event was live-streamed to hundreds of thousands of people. It is possible that the free gift will be given to people in California or closer to Tesla’s headquarters or factory sooner than the rest of the world.

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